Crystal In production

Parts of the Pimax Crystal (some assembly required).
We’re ramping up production, it’s coming to you soon.


Entire cable pics will be appreciate

Thank you so much @Hammerhead_gal ! So glad to see all the headsets are already produced and ready for action!
What I can see from these photos:

  • Behind the new holes are obviously the fan intakes, which are also among the photos. Those are laptop fans designed for heat dispersion of both cpu and gpus. It’s quite surprising to see that each Crystal needs 2 of those, and has to use holes to get the cool air in. Seems Crystal’s chips really process some high power.
  • From the last photo, we can see that the left and right edges are mostly empty. Comparing with 5th picture, it seems it’s not really necessary to make the headset this wide. I think the design team wants to keep the same look for all Reality series. Yet I really think it’s not a good idea to waste so much space.
  • Also from the 5th photo we can see that the side ears (the parts that attached to the back support) are fixed, unlike the previous 5k and 8k hinged ones. That could be potential week points of Crystals. Maybe the plastic is sturdy enough, but we all know how we constantly hit the side of headsets during VR sessions.
  • Good to see in the 4th picture there are release buttons for video cables. The connection box seems a little big, but I like it.
  • The controllers seems pretty plain. Looks very similar to Quest 2’s controller.
  • From the first photo, seems some worker failed to set the shining “V” flat to the surface. This cosmetic issue might be minor, but not to the owner of a brand new expensive state-of-art HMD. Also the hole openings are not really nice to look at. Maybe the patterns or shape can be changed in the future? I prefer more flat lines opening than the small square ones.

In strategic places some small spaces must be reserved or you limit variants considerably. If you box yourself in too much a near total redesign is required sometimes from only a small change.


There is a real advantage to using the same housing across headsets. The same accessories can fit all of the models. This was the case for the Vision series (P2) headsets, and it really helps. Especially when Pimax doesn’t sell large quantities compared to other headsets like Quest 2 and Index. If each individual variant used a different housing, the availability of 3rd party accessories would be completely non-existent (rather than mostly non-existent).

In practice, the size of the headset doesn’t matter much. The weight matters.

When I compare my 8KX to my Index, the 8KX is massively larger, but they actually weigh about the same. And their comfort is pretty similar. I’m sure I look more ridiculous with the big 8KX on, but I can’t see my RL self when I’m in VR. And I don’t have other people around me in RL (or I would end up stabbing them with an Index controller). So its really all the same.


You guys are right. I haven’t consider the accessories and inter-change abilities. If someone buys Crystal’s different face inserts, he can use them for 12k as well. This will save people money.
I don’t want people to see me while I am wearing my Pimax as well. Good things are better kept for myself. :smiley:


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