Crystal Hub not working - what are the requirements to choose a replacement?

I’m expecting a Hub replacement for weeks now from Pimax support, but I got no feedback anymore despite several escalations :frowning:
In the meantime, if I want to use another Hub, do we know the specifs required ?

I precise that I’m using the 5m fibre cable extention, so only one USB port is available.


I use this one:
Nevertheless, I have problems with the fiber optic cable. Tracking. But it works perfectly with the normal cable.

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I use the fibre optic tether plugged straight into my Crystal (bypassing the DP repeater) and at other end straight into motherboard of PC (no hub). Motherboard is Asus ROG Hero.

Works great with eye tracking though battery will drain over 3-4 gours

it’s 5V / 3A needed, or at least what is delivered by pimax’ original hub.

I’m using this one for being able to switch USB ports on / off:
in connection with this for DP switching on / off:

with these I can leave every connector plugged in and only need to pull the battery when the device isn’t used for a longer time. which doesn’t happen atm of course, it’s winter time xD and a lot of new simracing stuff arrived just three weeks ago hrhrhr…

Hi @clenfant

Could you please provide the ticket # with me?

Sure : @PimaxQuorra , ticket is 57799.


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