Crystal 90Hz and 72Hz problem (flickering) + problem with flat surfaces in vr

I just got Cristal a few days ago. I have some issues:

  1. 90Hz is flickering as crazy, and different tempo in left and right eye. Same is with 72Hz, the difference between eyes is even more visible.
    I have Nvidia 3090, everything latest drivers. Any hints? Another firmware? I love 120Hz (it works fine), but for my favorite game IL-2 I need working 90Hz.

EDIT: I just found out that reducing backlight from defoult 100% to 50 and flickering is barely visible in 90Hz mode. The picture looks bad, and that flickering (which is more obvius in right eye) is what scares me.

  1. Flat surfaces in vr are not flat when I look with my crystal. It is mostly visible If I need to read some poster - It suppose to be flat in VR, but for me all such flat surfaces look like they have belly; they are curved, spherical. Is there something I can do? How is it for others?


Has the Crystal been experiencing flickering issues since day one, or did it start occurring after some time?

While I doubt that the panel is malfunctioning, I recommend that you submit a ticket to our technical support for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Furthermore, consider activating the wearing location reminder to adjust the position, as this could be a contributing factor to the curved image you’ve observed.

Hi Quorra, I bought Crystal second-hand, so I do not know for day 1. It was like that since I got it. Support asked me to plug PC cable directly to HMD - that didn´t help. It is funny that every time when I turn my pc on, it is slightly different. I remmember very good that I was playing on 8kx with 90Hz buttery smooth, and now in crystal I can not tolerate flashes more then 5minutes. Also, as I said, it is different frequency of flashing in left and right eye.
I think that backlight flickers, probably is connected somehow to 120Hz, and it was not tuned down for other modes.

About distorted view, it is because my huge IPD. I tried again and agin to tune software ipd, and it is a little bit better now. Vertical location was not my problem, it is same with location remainder.
I wish my unit had bigger IPD, but I can use it like that now.


I guess you gotta forward these flickering issue to them, and request them to proceed with RMA.

Also it would be great if you could share the ticket # with me.

Hi Quorra, sorry I was busy lately.

I found excellent settings with all of my important games in 120Hz, so I do not care any more about 90/72Hz.
(PS: for info, if I set max fps for some games to 90, or 60 - that looks very good, even with 120Hz mode)

About distorted view, I had to add some software hor. IPD adjustment, that helped. It was not easy to set right values, I spilled many tears before I got it :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for your help, but this time there is nothing more to do.

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