Cross platform usage

hi! was wondering. if i bought the controller kit with the head tracking. would it work with other headsets like htc vive/occulus rift?
have anyone tried it?
being a student and borrowing a whole kit for htc vive from a friend is such a struggle. and getting tracking accessories separately is impossible… -.-’ so really liked the idea to share only the headset alone between my friends. and not having to take down half of his apartment every time he comes by.

i do how ever like to upgrade to Pimax kit as my student debts and such are gone. but thats still years ahead.

There is a good chance they may work with the vive pro, thats it. They are lighthouse version 2.0 so wouldn’t work with the original vive and definitely not with an Oculus or windows mixed reality headset. There is a chance if another steamvr compatible device comes out it may work with it (Valve headset).

The controller kit is not working on my MAC system and I have also connected it to my ios account as well. The thing is that it has also affected my iTunes account and giving me iTunes error 9 while opening the kit.