Courier VAT handling charges on delivery (EU)

In EU (and here in Ireland in particular) many couriers charge quite a lot extra (~€15) for handling the VAT payment per package. I’m worried that if all of the options arrive separately that I would have to pay that handling charge several times, if there are 4 or 5 deliveries then it could be 5 X €15 just for UPS etc.

I hope that there is only one invoice or we can pay you the VAT direct before redistribution from your Europe warehouse.

Since they said they’ll ship from their EU warehouse there should be zero additional VAT for us to pay.


The problem is that they haven’t answered this for other areas of the world.

Probably only people in the US and EU will not pay taxes.

Somewhere in kickstarter comments they mentioned a warehouse in vienna. Not sure if it is actually true but I’d like that being from austria. This would be good news for all EU backers too though because - no VAT.

Hi @Mal,
Can you tell me any of your good ideas? Thank you

Hi @Matthew.Xu

I really don’t know much about logistics, just that the private couriers like UPS, FedEx etc. will have higher handling charges than the national carriers (e.g. An Post in Ireland). I was hoping someone on the forum would know more. I just wanted to make you aware of the extra charges that we can incur when you choose your redistributor and courier.

Also any goods with a value of less than €22 (incl P&P) or gifts are exempt from VAT so the add-ons arriving later could be sent with marked as low value or marked as a gift. Technically gifts have to be from a private individual to a private individual.

Looking again at the list of stretch goal gifts only the eye-tracking looks like it would be later in the year. I assume the others could be included in the main package (headphones, eye frames, cooling fan should be relatively simple to have ready by ship date) to keep costs down for both you and backers. The wireless voucher and game content are digital. So if eye-tracking is sent directly as valued at e.g. $10 it’s OK.

Don’t forget that EU also has regulations for RoHS and WEEE for electronics.

RoHS is the CE mark (self-certified), WEEE can be covered by including the symbol on product packaging.

I hope that helps!



The solution for CEE is to send from Austria, that’s a very good idea.

Thanks Mal, I really appreciate the information you provided.

We wil discuss it and we will update on kickstarter if we had a plan.

Thank you

I thought that for EU and the US was problem with taxes solved and we will not pay more than is our pledge. Or am I wrong and it is still an open question? Matthew, can you give us more specific info about it?

The gift till 20€ stuff does NOT work everywhere. The majority of EU customers backed because they said it will be coming from inside the EU so NO import taxes. If that’s not the case, I would like a refund, because I can not pay 40% more or so on top of the kickstarter price, and that’s what I would be asked to pay.


As from previous experience, AT LEAST everyone in Portugal as well as Germany would be in this bad situation.