Could we please get an update on this 8K clusterf*ck?

See title. I am so pissed of of the constant silence by pimax. Why am I the last idiot to get my headset only because I took the unpopular choice by Pimax and went with the 8k.
Backer 1913 - seriously pissed of by now.


My guess would be they waited until most people switched to 5k+ to order panels.

You’re not the last to get yours. My friend who was in the 400s just got notice that his 5k just shipped yesterday

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I got two pms within minutes by matthew. First: On the way to overseas warehouse.
Second: it is being built right now.

Seriously wtf?

Yeah they still have a ways to go on their organization and communication

The new Matthew post states they ran out of 8K panels and that they are now in stock, he says all 8K’s will be built by the end of month.




I don’t believe them anymore, a few weeks ago Matthew stated, don’t worry everything is fine, were just working in backerno. order. bla bla bla bla


Yep I know. One thing that worries me and I dont think Im alone, is that due to all the failures with hardware, software etc etc, how many of the headsets are going to fail right out of warranty. I mean some are failing during shipment, some failing after just a few minutes of use and some failing after half hour of use.

I hope its only “infancy” failures and not an epidemic of long term failures.

If this is the case then the only upside that I usually buy a new HMD every 6 months or so looking for better tech like maybe the XTAL will be a viable solution after my pimax fails…


Yes that’s another big thing also for sure, with what i know now i would rather have temporarily an O+ and wait for xtal.

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Don’t forget there are 5000 headsets out there. We have say 100 backers in here reporting issues with cables, dead pixels, light bleed or brocken cables - and of course they are vocal. ANY electronics device has a minimum failure rate of 2%. It is hard to judge the state of things only by forum reports.

Yes I would have paid triple the price for a perfect and rugged headset but it is what it is for now.

A few have had really bad luck and pimax did drop the ball yes - but certainly not intentional. My delivery and my support case was handled near perfection.


Yes but Heliosurge mentioned 8% issues till now that is 4 times higher, sounds really high to me, so i think stixvr has a good point, we don’t now anything about the warranty also.
I’m considering selling my 8k with profit when i get it and save it for something better like xtal. I will see when i get it…

I am on a list of xtal for future betatesting… hope it will happen.

I had 3 rifts replaced, one vive, a vive pro returned with 3 stuck pixels, an odyssey with a nose piece so bad I had to sell it… so my 399usd 5K+ is by far the best investment I ever had in VR no matter how long it lasts.

But I agree - the haptic quality of the housing is really bad and concerning. It wont last forever.

8% is bad but one should judge retail devices. We sadly are some kind of betatesters still.


Oh Nice,
yes image quality is the best there is at the moment both headsets.
Build quality is still questionable and as i do have limited funds for this i have to weight the options.
And technology is going forward fast…

I do collect them. Still have the oculus DK1 etc. I have 8 PC based hmds at home at the moment :laughing:

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haha oke sentimental value, so you have your own museum. Had the dk1 also, vive, the 4k. i sold everything, the 4k i do regret, it’s nice with sims and watching movies

LOL, I have had many headsets as well. PSVR, Rift, DPVR E3, OG Ody and Ody+, I currently have the OG vive and Pimax 4K. I gave my PSVR to my son so its still in the family if I want to play. Funny I sold my Pimax 4K on Ebay, than regretted it later only to find out the buyer decided he didnt want it so he shipped it back to me!

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That’s luck! How is the O+ compared to the 4k for you?

I really like the colors and brightness and no SDE of the O+, and hate the dull colors and ghosting with the 4K but I just couldnt go back to less clarity and less resolution and smaller sweet spot with the ODY+. I played PSVR quite a bit and am used to those kind of games so the 4K is limited as to what I can play. Im in VR limbo right now until my 8K and 5K+ show up.

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oke i understand, did you manage to get the colors better with the extended mode trick?