Costly order through Gearbest and DHL

Hi, I recently ordered Pimax 4K when it was on sale on Gearbest. I’m sure this headset is great and you, guys from Pimax, did considerable job sending me this thing and labeling it as a 50$ commercial sample. It was a bit of my carelessness too, that I ordered it for 275$ with free shipping by DHL and in the end spent 435€. First, Lithuanian taxes were much higher than I expected and how much good Lithuanian state does and how much it’s liked by its citizens is another story. Then, DHL billed me 24€ for “custom services”, what was pretty much hidden fees. I tried to talk to Gearbest, but they didn’t do anything for me, of course, just said that they’ll show it their manager.
So, you should never use DHL and such for shopping, they may charge a lot on many steps. It would be good, if Pimax looked into their shipping options, if they have control, to exclude this potentially costly free shipping method. Also, it’s too late for me, but I think it would be good, if Pimax was selling it not only on Gearbest, which is far from the best, but on AliExpress too, which has fantastic service. Sadly, I can’t start using my headset for the time being, since my finances got messed up and I can’t buy a gaming computer.

I always have problems with DHL if importing into Thailand. They always seem to charge import duty even if none is payable! I recently ordered an Android TV streaming box. it should have been 0% duty but they charged me 10%!! I checked the tax code on the box and seen that DHL had crossed out the original one and replaced it with a code for a TV projector! The box was only the sizre of a packet of cigaretes! Of course I complained but got nowhere. DHL are rip off merchants! Avoid them at all costs. Never have any problems with other companies.

GearBest is terrible selller. Their policy of 3 day DOE or Damaged item is a lie. Do not buy from them if u think u can easily get replacement. Pimax need to find another reseller if he want to sell to EU. Otherwise ya all might as well sell only to China.

It is also on AliExpress, but a little more expensive and does not include free shipping to all countries.

I got mine from this seller in the UK. They have free delivery and costs £320 or less. You can make an offer!


How long was ur delivery ? 1-3 days or weeks?

As I understand, they chose Gearbest as their seller on the West, where they expect to have most of their customers and AliExpress as their secondary shop for the East / Russia. So, that’s their shop on AliExpress, but it sells it for $400, when on Gearbest with a discount I could get it for $275! Besides, that page looks rather poorly, like some expensive, probably, not too good gimmick. Russian text on on the images is very crude and corrupt, like they used Google translate from Chinese, even I could write good text there being a Russian and knowing the literary language. Besides, there are a few dozens of other stores selling it for a similar price.
£320 in UK? That’s €360 plus big taxes to buy in EU.
As for shipping, DHL delivers in a week from Singapore, but a few latest parcels came by the Chinese post just in two weeks and together with the Lithuanian post they look like premium services for nearly free now, after DHL.
In conclusion, Pimax needs to develop not only their products, but also selling methods to be well formed and successful. Guys from Pimax are trying to make even a bigger headset, but so far, a significant part of a good sum of money that I paid went not into their products, but to parasites and I didn’t even get to play with it.

Another little thing, my headset had greasy fingerprints on both lenses. It shouldn’t have damaged good modern coating, but still it is unpleasant and rises questions about how production is handled. It wasn’t done by the customs because the original packaging was intact. Otherwise, the headset seems to be well, even the green light turns on, that’s as far, as I can test it.

@MarkM Thanks for your purchasing of Pimax, and sorry for this uncomfortable experience caused. We should pay more attention to our distributors and the process of package, to avoid any unpleasant issues in the future.

My delivery game within 3 days. Could have been overnight if I wanted to pay for delivery but I took the Free Option.