Corona virus is getting bad

There’s speculation that it might be multi-phasic.
Frankly, I want to know anyone working on my sh* is safe.
Admittedly: I. Being “not over there” have no idea whats going on, how they are protecting people, etc… etc…
I do know that they want as many people working as possible…
(like the opposite of American Democrats, ironically)
( -__o /giggles)

but yeah any thoughts?

PS: and no, im not going to cancel or anything. the way i see it is either we all die or I get my headset.

  • If we all die, i wont much care will I?
  • If we dont… I aint got no F*n headset…

Naw meen?

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I’m not trying to minimize the threat but we also must be careful not to get caught up in emotional hysteria. There are a lot of journalists who are hype machines and some highly unscrupulous journalists unfortunately have jumped on this disease as something political.

As of yesterday there are only 15 CDC confirmed cases in the United States and just 3 contact patients.

Lots of strong efforts worldwide to contain it. In China only 9 new confirmed cases yesterday (down from 900 new ones there on Feb. 3rd).

For reference the fatality rate for SARS was 10% and MERS a whopping 34%. For COV19 it’s overall average is about 3% (per the WHO) and when there is hospital support about 1.6%.

It’s because many Cov19 cases are mild rather than SARS and MERS that were often severe that Cov19 can spread to more people.

Unfortunately hysteria will probably do a lot more damage to the world than the coronavirus itself and we certainly have no shortage of people who will spread fear at every opportunity.


Here in Sweden the powers that be talk the talk about being careful but are doing the opposite, we have just had our count pass 10 confirmed cases.

Last week was a week off from school for kids so lots have been skiing in Italy or visiting their homeland of Iran and the recommendation in the Stockholm region at least is for them to just go back to school.

They arent doing checks on arrivals even from confirmed outbreak areas, quarantines are mostly voluntarily self enforced.

One of our biggest hospitals went into crisis management mode last week, before the confirmed cases, due to lack of hospital beds in handling just the regular stuff.

Reports say we have the capacity for dealing with around 100 severe Corona cases within the regular healthcare system, the military has some additional capacity but how much is classified, i kind of doubt it would even double the total since our national defence is quite scaled down.

Turkey just opened up their borders to allow migration of what is reportedly a lot of Iranians (i think Iran has the largest outbreak outside of China) into Europe, going as far as to put them on buses from the Syrian border to the Greek border.
Its the smart play by Turkey, limiting exposure of Turkish citizens to possibly infected Iranians as opposed to having them move through the country along the same paths/trains/buses/etc as residents.

Its likely going to get quite a bit worse before it gets better but the accelerationist part of me hopes it will galvanize the European peoples to stand up against the influx of mainly economic migrants from the third world.

Agreed, hysteria is the wrong reaction, staying calm and rational is important. But we also shouldn’t downplay it and do everything possible that it doesn’t go pandemic. Even though fatality rate is fortunately not as high as for the other mentioned diseases, 2% of the world population would still be… too many.


If I only could get my V2 base station before I have to stay at home because of the pandemia.
I could use some time to spend in VR.

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Agreed. Even if it’s 2% (it seems to be about 3%), then those are just HORRIBLE odds. Normal influenza has about 0.05% mortality. Not sure how anyone can be hysterical about it. Imagine being in a 100 person crowd, together with your family, where you know they’d shoot 3 random people. I wouldn’t be too happy with those odds. Damn. (I’d have to add that it’s not really ‘random’, cause the older you are the higher the risk it seems, but still, it might not be you, but your parents …)


The WHO has the number of confirmed cases for the USA at 59, wiki’s number has ticked up by 2 from that, it was relatively static at 35 until the 24th.

If an impoverished and more restrictive country like Belarus can catch the cough, it would be reasonably to believe that the USA is not much better off with a larger population, both Americans being more prolific travelers and receiving more visitors.

Singapore is so far very good at containing the virus, I hope other countries will be too.

In countries with good health care systems there is a good chance for people who have the misfortune to fall ill to recover.

COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer offers great statistics on corona virus. You really should not be wary of Belarus, which is not as impoverished as you were led to believe, you should be more interested into how Italy, Iran, and South Korea are the new hotspots for the virus spread.


I agree the outbreak and danger from these countries is much more serious, Belarus was just an example that the virus is reaching countries where people are traveling less.

True, Belarus is in the top 50% in the world when it comes to GDP, maybe Georgia or Sri Lanka then which are in the bottom 50% and reported their first case not so long ago?

Coronavirus 2019 is now almost everwhere outside China (in mostly developed countries where citizens with higher income have access to airtravel for business and pleasure and return back to their country of origin)- see Europe and USA Coronavirus 2019 maps of confirmed cases.

Although statistically, yes, your chances of catching the novel pathogen currently are highest in China, it’s clearly no longer ‘just’ a Chinese health emergency and of note, once it mutates it won’t make any difference what country you’re in and a vaccine won’t work as each infection will differ from the original sample.

The virus is already everywhere in pockets outside China where governments allow free travel and return of citizens from infected countries without quarantine - see UK, Holland, Germany etc.

As it stands, worrying about catching it from Chinese packaging, should be the last thing on your mind in terms of 'risk". (I’ll get back to this at the end).

Once it becomes wide spread in your country, you’re far far more likely to catch it from:

  1. Close proximity to other people who have no symptoms as both parties are unaware. This means anyone can give it to you - including your own family or simply shaking hands politely meeting customers at work, or work colleagues passing you something like a phone, pen, powertool etc.

  2. Any contact with Public transport. Lifts, Doorways, handrails, bathrooms including others who use this and then meet you.

  3. Anything with money exchange (requires hands). Hands touch face, itch eyes, blow nose, bite finger nails etc).

  4. Sitting in ER departments, doctors office full of potential spreaders and of course, the doctor themselves who sees hundreds of patients a week. Schools, Universities, Music Festivals, Sports events, Trains, queuing in stores inc people brushing past you etc, work environments full of people - call centres.

  5. Simply breathing air outside. Air currents (until sustained hot weather, e.g. May/June onwards) carry pathogen droplets from country to country.

So in terms of packaging concerns of a Pimax headset or any packaging from ANY hotspot country, it’s a theoretical risk, but very very low. To be honest, once it’s in your area (which unless reported in the news you won’t be told) the risk from cross contamination from LOCAL workers in the or in near-by countries will be far higher than ordering goods from China as China is so far from the West, it takes many days to get to your country which is good.

As weeks pass and if your country of origin has more cases (and if it’s not mutated and most remain not severely affected) there will be a risk locally just touching mail, even letters, after a local mail man has wiped his nose on his hand before posting the mail in your letter box, or when you go fill up your car with fuel and touch a fuel nozzle or pay for a drive thru at work on a lunch break or order a Pizza at the weekend. Even if you buy food via home delivery, someone had to move the produce into the store then multiple other people will handle it before a home delivery driver hands you a bag of groceries at your door.

For peace of mind, once you know your headset is coming (by then expect the situation to Worsen in developed western countries) simply learn the following and take the following precautions.

  • Know the current Science is that Coronavirus 2019 can survive up to 9 days on hard surfaces. After this it dies, has no energy source and is harmless. Yes there are exceptions like heat and moisture which could extend this period, but your headset is sent in a dry, moisture free environment (inside).

  • Regarding packaging. A higher risk will be local delivery people touching packaging on the OUTSIDE not Pimax workers in China boxing up a headset days or weeks earlier inside. People in the delivery chain in your OWN country, cross contaminating packaging hours or minutes to you receiving it at the door, in between you eating a snack or biting your fingernails or simply rubbing your eyes from feeling tired will be far far more of a risk once it spreads.

*By the time you get your Pimax headset, (if you’re in the West in a wealthy developed country that failed to protect from banning air travel), if you live in a major city you’ve perhaps had Coronavirus already if healthy.

You may have thought it was the flu or a cold or will catch it anyway soon, as for months, people have (and still have) access to Europe, US and other sources of infection outside China and bring it back and mix at school, work, museums, anywhere tourists are especially and these people then get in cars, use public transport and cover hundreds of miles a day and pass it on. The next set of people then do the same.

*Factor in your headset didn’t get from China to your door in 0 days, so simply don’t open the box for a week.

  • After coming in from outside, meeting visitors, receiving mail at the door, wash your hands immediately for at least 20 secs with soap and water (using a soap dispenser, never use a soap dish especially if other people share your home).

  • Ideally, obtain high alcohol content alcohol rub as standard scented antibacterial soap, unless stated on packaging, doesn’t kill viruses.

Medical grade Alcohol rub is out of stock almost everywhere but normal alcohol rub is OK and keep this near the door in your house (as a visual reminder for post/letters/electronically signing for post using a touchscreen stylus) and carry some in your vehicle or bag when you go out and give some to your family members so they are less likely to bring their contaminated hands into your house and then touch surfaces (staircase handrail, cupboard doors, door, kitchen taps, handles, light switches, TV remote, phones, trash bin, garage door, car keys, and most of all doors and side of doors).

If you have no alcohol rub, and as a general rule anyway, try to open doors with feet when possible. Turn lights off with elbow, pick up (when safe) objects with inside of t-shirt and don’t sit next to someone at meal times who is actively coughing, or who has been sneezing, eyes look red, stuffy nasal voice etc. If someone sneezes right near you hold your breath and rapidly leave room immediately, don’t return to the room for at least 5 minutes as micro droplets remain in the air. Make sure they then wash their hands thoroughly and remember to clean all the surfaces they touched. Don’t sit right near them.

As you can see, yes there is a tiny theoretical risk from packaging from China, but the future and far more real risk will be in your OWN country: the people you meet, the air you breathe in, the places you visit, the transport you use, the local goods and mail you touch (e.g sent next day delivery), the burger you eat, the pint of beer placed on a table at a restaurant and all these factors combined in and outside your home on a daily basis.


1st confirmed case of coronavirus here in new zealand.
and on the same day ppl have cleaned out some supermarkets of items.

As a owner in the hospitality business, i naturally called up one of my supplier and asked how is it looking, guy that usually handles our orders said not looking good, at this rate we will run out rice for sure.
(most of the hoarders are asians so rice and flour are the hot items).

So I placed order of a pallet of 1000kg rice and put into my garage so we won’t be affect as much if the hysteria continues.

damn it.


I forgot to add. Instead of worrying and making yourself ill from worry (stress supresses immunity), if funds allow, maximise your diet/nutrition now and give your immune system the best chance. Stop smoking, and vastly reduce sugar intake as bacteria and some viruses use glucose to replicate. So stop eating Candy and chocolate bars, drinking coke etc.

When taking high dose supplements consult a doctor obviously in case on blood thinners etc (Fish oil, Vitamin E), but the following can help defend against viruses and bacterial co-infections. Others help reduce inflammation.

Lastly, the following would be in addition to a standard multivitamin which are generally 100% RDA which is the minimum a person needs. Instead, within safe limits (which you can Google) the idea is to maximize. Personally I take 1/2 of what is considered the upper safe limit of anything just to be sure:

  1. Zinc & Selenium - Boosts immunity.
  2. Vitamin C - Antioxidant.
  3. Vitamin D (Common Westener deficiency).
  4. Vitamin A - General anti pathogen.
  5. Vitamin E - Antiviral properties.
  6. Seaweed Kelp (Westeners are often Iodine deficient).
  7. Fish Oil - Antiviral properties via Lipid membrane action.


  1. Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 may boost Lymphocyte count. (Acute Coronavirus infection as with SARS, kills white blood cells in turn leads to Lymphocytopenia seen in AIDS, certain cancers and severe systemic infections).

  2. Skullcap - Baicalin. This has potential anti HIV effects in a few studies. Mostly neuroprotective and used for sleep.

  3. Camel Milk from a safe source (extremely expensive). May boost Natural Killer Cell function (NK function) to help target viruses.

  4. Reishi Mushroom extract. Good brands are very expensive. May help boost immunity again via increase in White blood cells (Lymphocytes)function. Multiple studies have been published over the years on Reish mushroom benefits.

Basically you want to research any natural and proven safe supplement that has anti viral and anti-retroviral properties.

Currently the drugs given experimentally to treat Coronavirus 2019 in the ‘lucky’ first phase of patients (before they run out as many of these drugs are manufactured in China) are anti-retrovirals.

As beds run out in hospitals (UK has 8x less beds than Germany and runs at 95-100% bed capacity without a health crisis) the long term chronically sick (they know even if you lie as they have your medical records) and elderly go last in the queue for ICU/Ventilator to keep you alive (organ failure ftom sepsis/ respiratory failure from pneumonia) as the cost of treating each patient Vs the probable end outcome is weighed up by hospital trusts.

This is why if you’re chronically sick or elderly it’s sensible to boost immunity now if you can via diet and taking supplements to maximise survival chances.

Also don’t take supplements or avoid activity that increases inflammatory cytokines, specifically IL-6, IL-1, TNF. You can try and reduce airway inflammation by taking something like high dose Vitamin D but also Alpha Lipoic Acid - both useful if you have Asthma.


The 2-3% is the reported case fatality rate, not the mortality rate. This is the percentage of cases ending in death of the people that present themselves to a hospital, not the percentage dying in the overall population.

From I’ve been reading, the actual CF rate is higher than what is reported officially - possibly as high as 4-6%. Even the lower numbers are still way higher than that of a normal flu, though.

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Think that for every person that dies unrecognized and uncounted there are perhaps ten persons with a mild form that weren’t diagnosed and counted, too. Tendency is more that fatality numbers are overestimated initially than the other way around.
More than 1% is still high for a disease that is so infectious.

Flu kills a lot more people. The majority of people who have died are over 80.

Interesting book this:


This is afaik wrong. From the over 80 year old who got the disease about 20% died, which is the highest percentage in any age group. But from the people who got infected and died, over 80 year olds are not even remotely the majority.

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Please no fud, the situation is already difficult enough.

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Aha. Thanks for the clarification. It could be that younger people are more in contact with each other than the older people who probably are at home most of the time. It does show that you are most likely to die if you are older or have a pre-existing condition though. Younger people are dying more because they are more likely to get infected because they are at work, college, etc.

Correction to my previous post. You are more likely to die from the Virus if you catch it if you are over 80 years old. 80.9% of all cases have mild, cold like symptoms. This is similar to the Flu whereby the weakest, through age, old or young; or pre-existing medical conditions makes you more susceptible to the illness. For the majority of us it is likely no worse than other respiratory viruses.

For instance in the US 5,000 people died from the flu in the first two weeks of this year. The media are blowing out of all proportion I think.

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