Cooling VR Fans

I’d like to order the cooling fans but cannot find them on the page
Do i need to make a service ticket to get them, i’m a pimax8k backer.



Backers will receive their fans when they are ready, but there’s not a firm ship date for them yet. Please be advised, and watch the Pimax Day 2 stream on or after 29.10.2019.


You are in luck. The fans are a free bonus item from the Kickstarter, but unfortunately, they have been delayed like all of the bonus items (like the deluxe headstrap).

I would have really used mine during the hot months, but it’s cooled off and I won’t need them until next summer. Hopefully, we’ll have all our bonus items by then (except for the eye-tracker which is no longer a freebie).

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I’m still not sure what is supposed to be free to backers. I have see the 100$ discount on the Eye Tracking module and i think the hand tracking module also needs to be paid for. I will forever be waiting for my pimax basestations and controllers…

My 5k+ has been used about 4 times when i received it in March. I have been using my Oculus Quest a lot more. I hope there will be a way to use the Pimax DAS with it…

All these bonus items were promissed for free, except for the eyetracker (due to increased costs for a better version)…


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