Cooling fan module when!?

What’s the ETA for the cooling fan? Now that I have the Pimax, I definitely need it. Beat Sabre or anything with movement and I am sweating in minutes. A must have!



I just bought the vive n chill and mounted it, then used the top usb port on the pimax with usb c to a female adapter cable which are very cheap. Works great!


How does it mount, 2 way tape…velcro?

It comes with two way mounting strip/tape, but I suppose you could use velcro instead.

Thanks for the tip! Have it up and running now. Works OK. I need to get a different adapter though as what I have only allows me to connect it to bottom fan. More sensible using the top. Even so, I still think the official version will be a lot better. Larger fans (less noise) and a better fit. Hope it comes sooner rather than later…

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Í don’t understand how Pimax can promise these extra items but make no hurry with them. They are sometimes absolutely essential to users (prescription glasses frame, different foam thicknesses and anti-sweating fans).

What good does it do if you send those items very late while in the mean time your users have a bad time with the headset or have had to buy the items anyway in order to actually use the product. Only to receive a redundant item much later? Very weird thought processes here.


What annoys me in regard to these item’s (not LH or hand controllers ,I know they are having
problem’s) is the fact that Pimax said they were no problem to manufacture !!! WHY are
customers waiting for these so called “no problem to manufacture 12 month’s ago” and
still backers have not received any yet???
These extra’s alone can make all the difference to backers and customers comfort and may
solve a few known issue’s. :frowning_face:


They’re too busy cranking out 6 new versions of the headset to have time to complete the original package promised. Nice.