Controllers by January?

I am pretty confident regarding the headset but I can’t say I am for the controllers.

So far all we ve seen are sketches, how could they be ready by january?

I don’t want Pimax to rush the design of the controllers, is there a possibility that we get whatever they can give us when they send the headset in january and later replace them with the final consumer version?

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Read kickstarter page. Controllers & base stations february for them (full package)

So people who don’t already own vive controllers will be left doing what with their headset?

Now I am likely going to change my pledge to a headset and one base station, and get 2 used vive controllers.

Sit down sims if you get headset without owning base stations.

Hence why headset packages without controlers & base stations says good fit for vive owners

It’s bizarre how kickstarter has shifted from ‘here’s what you are going to get’ to 'i want, i need, give me, now '…

Funny how people are willing to buy older gen tech that is likely due for obsoletion for almost the same price as newer gen tech because they can’t be bothered waiting another couple of months…

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No,it’s far far more likely they’ll ship you the headset, controller s and basestations in one package. I highly doubt they’ll send just the headset and then later just the controllers and basestations.

the people who ordered just the headsets will receive them in January, and the people who ordered the full package will receive the full package in one go in Fabuary. don’t expect to get the headset early.

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I spoke with Pimax (Pan Ren) at the NY VR expo today about the controllers. After that conversation I wasn’t entirely convinced the controllers would be ready by February. I brought up (pleaded) with him that they should consider sending the HMD to full backers without the controllers if they will be delayed and mail them later. He told me that they are discussing that.


I’ve heard clearly that people ordering ‘full package’ will be able to separate their order in to 2 deliveries, hmd in january and the rest later when it’s done. No idea why do they still ‘discuss’ this, as it was already promised by the campaign start.

Make it clear in kickstarter survey after campaign end, demanding headset first and bases/controllers later.

p.s. althrough i have backed full package i still thinking about buying this expensive gen 1 accessories, because i want to play fallout 4 that comes middle december and i cant fu…g wait for another 2-3 months until pimax accessories finally comes. Still not sure if i will try to play it with nolo or not because i really want to play it without game experience issues/blockers. Trying to find used vive for 400-450 to get bases and controllers only :smiley: