Controllers are flying out of stock - Pimax saves the last one for you

Seriously, I’ve seen ugly things just to make money, but for a start up relying on its backers, what I just saw is totally disgusting.

Is it a mistake ? Someone can say something ?? I m speechless.

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No, we all know they are not finished and up for sale yet so would not have tried anything so stupid to try to create a hook headline…

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I corrected it to perfectly match their own words, do you prefer ?

In any case they must fix this asap, I’m pretty sure most of backers know it, but for new people

  1. Controllers and base stations are marked as deposit : Ok
  2. This deposit state is not written in the shopping cart: NOT OK.

so a few days later after adding them to your cart, and you receive the mail of my screen shot, you clearly can have forget it’s deposit, and even more when they say it’s almost out of stock and they save the last for you… what a joke.

I doubt it’s just an error in the wording. At least it’s my opinion untill they admit it’s an error and will correct it asap.
Even sending a mail to everybody that gave in. Telling them it’s a deposit and not even in stock is the thing to do I think.


Agreed this is only going to create another mess. Added Mozi & Dallas to your post.


I think that’s an automatic part of the shopping cart system but yeah we should shut down that “feature” right away as it implies we have controllers to ship which we don’t at the moment.


Plus we’re going to want to wait for the rugged edition to come out anyway so they don’t break a soon as you play with them

Can you pass that feedback to whoever is doing your website please… When we spotted the website hack took 2 weeks to get that cleared up.
The same with the mobile forum theme.

Many thanks