Controller suggestions from the community

Hi Futurists,

Over the past few months, you have provided lots of thoughts and expectations about the controllers. We appreciate your passion and support!

Per your requests, we will make both Thumbstick style and Trackpad style to avoid the war between two tribes :wink:

Meanwhile, here are the answers to your major questions and suggestions relating to controls:

  1. Can you Include all the functions in Knuckles?
    Yes, and we will show you all the functions in the new ID.

  2. Can you track all fingers with cap senses?

  3. We’d like Stronger haptics and vibration.
    A very good suggestion! We are doing comparative test with other controllers.

  4. We need a separated system button.
    Got it.

  5. More people voted for rounded than square style.
    As this is proving to be a more popular choice, let’s go with that!

  6. Can you include elastic straps so you can open your hands?
    For sure

  7. Inside out tracking compatibility please!
    We are working on this one.

  8. Build quality.
    We take that into account while designing the next iteration.

  9. Ergonomics
    We agree comfort is crucial for long-time use and are working on this.

If we missed anything, please list in the comments.

Meanwhile, we are wondering if anyone of you can borrow us a workable set of Knuckles controller (ours is broken). We need one to do the comparative test, but the item is currently out of stock.
In return for your generosity, the first person to message us and arrange delivery of a Knuckles controller will receive an 8K headset in return.

Any ideas on where these can be sourced elsewhere would also be greatly appreciated!

Also - be sure to look out for the new ID design of the controllers in few weeks. We made quite a few changes and it is our favorite version so far, hope you will like it as well!

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team


Thanks for keeping us informed! It’s good to know that you are incorporating our feedback.

Even though I didn’t order controllers in the Kickstarter, I may buy them in the future.


In the version with trackpad, please PLEASE make it a trackpad that does not break after a few weeks of usage!

The vive controllers have horrible trackpads. I had to fix them several times myself already. They have a design flaw in them…
There is a small rubber under the trackpad that moves around after a while and make it unusable.

So be smarter than htc and don’t make the same mistake. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just test the mixed reality controller and they work great for both of stick and trackpad.

When playing on steamvr the stick will use only open dashboard by pressing the stick.
When playing on oculus by revive, the stick is work great for walking and trackpad will be emulate for the oculus touch button (3 buttons).

con is the system button is too small.
The stick is too far from the thumb, should have lower position.
Can’t swap the left and right controller.
Too much big for the tracking ring.

For pimax, I want you to show how to use stick in the game of steamvr which using trackpad for pressing, I understand that the stick will be controlled by tilting the stick instead, really?
If it working as I explained, and if have some game using both of “touching of trackpad for walking” and “pressing the trackpad for anything”, I want to know how the stick can work for the both function.

I have ever use trackpad of nolo controller to play “Archangel” of oculus (free on weekend) by revive and the trackpad can’t use for playing the game because the trackpad do 2 functions at the same time, it will always using the shield and open game menu. Not sure that this issues is happned in the vive controller or not.

So please try to check that the controller will be supported both steamvr game and oculus game by revive or not, thank you.

I am afraid of buying both of trackpad and stick version because stick version can’t play some game in steamvr or trackpad version can’t support some game in revive.

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WOW! Wonderful news, thank you!!!
May be the best solution is have both (stick and trackpad) like Microsoft’s MR controller? :wink:
And may be standard AA battery? <3


Microsoft mr controllers are poop.


in regards 3.

I can understand why people would want strong haptics, but i would not want it at cost of battery life.

also, you not being able to get a pair of knuckles controllers is the craziest thing i have ever seen.

Just… Think about it…

@deletedpimaxrep1 Maybe these 6DOF inside-out-tracking controllers could be an add on module in the future?

But I have no idea of the usability, just thought I would pass on one possible solution to that common issue.

I thought they had only sent out test samples to select studios last August. Not sure you can buy or source them anywhere unless it is one of the original test devs willing to give up their set.

A user setting would be great e.g. off, low, med, max so it caters for all users and those on a battery budget.

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@ChrisVL Ok, it was just for example… of both solutions… :wink:

Once you have the final design please allow backers to make a choice on which controller they want. I know we answered in the survey but for some of us that was based on the pictures that showed a lot less buttons.

Tell us what your testers prefer when using using each style through Revive, Steam, etc. What are the pros and cons of each? Unless the controllers will be sent out to the M1 testers it would be nice to know what each style offers compatibility wise.

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could you maybe show us a picture? @deletedpimaxrep1


Nolo also use the ultrasonic for tracking controller, I am still afraid of using this technique in qualcom HMD, because it may have issues about ultrasonic reflection (controller tracking will be confuse about distance and position).

But if use the emitter on the HMD, may can check the distance of 2 values. Which value is shorter,that is the correct distance because the reflection may have longer distance (but can’t do this in nolo base station because player have to stand so far from the base station and the reflection from the wall at behide may have shorter distance).

I hope you don’t forget left-handed people in your design choices. Symetric design and swappable hands in the software would be nice.

It looks like they have put the ultrasonic emitters? on the actual HMD in that article. And yes, from reading the comments on the article, things like mirrors, windows and polished surfaces can cause tracking glitches. Didn’t somebody also work on a magnetic field tracking solution? Then again having magnetic fields are not health safe either e.g. induction ovens and pace-makers. Inside-out 6DOF is certainly a fun challenge with lots of hurdles.

I assumed you got a left controller and a right controller like Oculus Touch. Or is this a single controller that works in either hand?

i would like a oculus touch inspired design if possible (i mean the shape)
they feel pretty darn great in you’re hands

i think theres a reason why Vive is redesigning they’re controllers for vive pro
Oculus touch :slight_smile:

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A design made for rechargeable and replaceable battery would be appreciated.

Using Type 18650 batteries for example.


AA rechargables (I use Energizer 2300 MA) last for days in Touch. This would be sufficient and quite economical. The 2 sets of batteries that I use, I have been recharging for a couple of years now and they still hold a great charge. This should be sufficient. Hope they don’t go AAA.

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I agree about Touch, but I think Pimax has already decided on a “Knuckles” design, which is a Valve development.
Vive on the other hand is apparently developing a 2nd gen wand controller to work with Valve’s 2.0 lighthouses. This from RTVR:
“Instead of the Knuckles controllers, HTC plans to ship the Vive Pro with a pair of updated wand controllers which will include the SteamVR Tracking 2.0 sensors. The company says the wands will see a refreshed design, but it won’t be Knuckles.”