Controller, mouse and keyboard simultaneously working in any pc game?

Hello guys.

Does anyone know a way to have controller, mouse and keyboard simultaneously working in any pc game ?


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Actually if u mean by Controllers like xbox Controller, I used to play GTAV with Controller (Xbox or Logitech), Keyboard + Mouse. I also remember having tried controller and mouse simultaneously.

Other games (like FOR HONOR) I also use that setup but I can’t tell if it is actually simultaneously or just switching very fast. My bet is that is rather dependend on the game than a general issue (which could be dealt with using 3rd party routing software).

Just for fun I use my 3dconnexion CAD controller instead of WASDat times, where I had to reroute some stuff to use it like that. (was even going further to use it for MIDI input)

Which games have you tried/having issues with to use those in combination?

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In resident evil 2 remake , i am trying to use at the same time (clicking buttons at the same time) the keyboard/mouse and the ps4/xbox/psvr aim controller buttons.

Unfortunately they overrid each other.

For example if i hold down the right trigger button of the console controller to bring out on the game aiming cursor and then i cllick my left mouse buttom to fire, both actions overrid each other . I can not aim with the controller and fire with the mouse.

I was looking into x360c , but i can’t figure out if there is a way to set up the ps4 controller so that i can push at the same time a key on the keyboard and a buttom on the controller

i think they would need to be specific bindings in each game to use both? for instance… in Elite Dangerous, you can bind, Keyboard and Mouse, but also Joystick and Flight Pedals… so you could have Left mouse button for fire as well as space bar and also a button on the joystick… all separately bound but all doing the same thing.

but i think it would have to be ‘in game’ bindings for it to work properly.



How about if i associate keyboard strokes to the ps4/xbox controller instead and then maybe in that case the controller would be seen as keyboard by the game?

What program can i use for linking the controller to a keyboard strokes?

Great! I found a solution that works!

I am running

  1. x360ce that allows that the psvr aim controller is recognized by my pc

  2. joytokey that allows me to remap all the psvr aim controller buttoms to keyboard buttons

By doing that, now i can click any button on my psvr aim controller at the same time i am clicking any button on my keyboard/or mouse.
They work simultaneously .

Why i wanted to do that?

Because now i can

  1. walk in any pc game using my DIY WASD shoes

  2. hold with my right hand the psvr aim controller and use it as a gun while i can aim either with my headset if I am in vr or if i am not in vr i can use a captosensor as mouse/aim pointer to mount on the psvr aim controller to aim.
    I can also shoot with the psvr aim controller and have any keystroke i want assigned on the psvr aim conteoller

  3. i can wear 1 captoglove on my left hand to use for other hand interactions in the game, like opening a door or picking up something by click 2 fingers on my left hand

I am planning to test all this and post a video of it all :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!