Controller Angle in Oculus Games

i’m sure this has been asked before but i can’t find it. how do you adjust controller position for Oculus games? i am using the Index controllers and they are angled about 30 degrees off in rift games. you have to pitch the controller downward about 30 degrees in order to shoot a gun in games.


I have this also… it’s present in Robo Recall and makes it hard to play

PiTool would have to add some of the functions present in OpenVR Advanced Settings under the Revive category. Offsets for pitch, roll, and yaw, and x, y, and z.

Unfortunately, I can’t get Robo Recall working with Revive and Pimax, so I can’t get this functionality.

My Revive just updated though, but I haven’t tried it again yet.

Maybe someone else will have better luck.


I figured out how to fix Robo Recall at least:

Download RoboRevive.

Enable PP and launch the RoboRevive shortcut from the desktop.

Guns are now in the correct angle.


@anon74848233 is there any way to do this with a PiTool config file or anything?

Hmm interesting. Do you get the same issue using Index with the knuckles running Oculus games, or is it only with Pimax? I wish my Index and Knuckles could finally arrive so I could test this… :frowning:


SweViver apparently it is to do with Pitool’s Oculus games implementation. In that it lacks the options to adjust that Revive has.


I don’t have the Index headset but I do know that both Vive Wands and Index Controllers have the same issue with the pitch angle with PiTool. If you play any game that has hands you can see the difference between where it is and where it should be.

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i know this doesn’t really answer your question about if Index has the same issue but if you use the Vive Wands with Pimax with an Oculus game that uses guns, you can see the issue. i originally noticed it in From Other Suns. when you aim your gun, you have to pitch your wrist down to an almost impossible angle.

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegend status achieved. I love that game. I’ll test tonight

One thing also - seems that Raw Data’s guns don’t respond to grip functions. I am on 144 now but didn’t test with old original bodge-job

I have found that re-launching Oculus and then launching RR through the Pimax software and not from Revive works for me

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I am on 144 also and Raw Data seems to work for me. Are you playing it through Oculus Home or SteamVR? I’m on SteamVR for that game.

Yep, RoboRevive doesn’t need Revive. With this mod installed you can just launch it directly!

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what do you guys think it would take to get Pimax to incorporate controller adjustment into Pitool? it can’t be that hard to do and it’s a pretty significant missing feature.

i just realized that this was a stupid question as the title of the thread is Oculus Games…

but anyway, Raw Data works through SteamVR. not sure if that helps you at all…

Nice nice. Will give it a go. Appreciated

did you find out anything interesting on this?