Control My Joystick

This program might be of use for many.


I use VoiceAttack with Elite D in VR. I use it along with my HOTAS and it’s a good combination. Voice input can be converted into a form that a game (or app) can understand.

VA is only $10 and I consider it to be a bargain. Highly recommended.


i also use VoiceAttack on DCS. It is worth to mention that it´s FREE with 1 profile and 20 commands you can dial in. More then enough commands for me. If you need more , $10 are not much for what you get.

It takes not much resourses, if running on the background, and gives you planty of settings if you have more then 1 Soundcard or more then 1 Mic.

I Highly recommend too.


Yep. VA here as well. I use it with Ivona Amy as my Windows’ synth. She sounds very close to the HCS ASTRA PACK voice I use in Elite Dangerous so responses I program match well. I love to use it to call up songs from my playlist or even control my WinTV.


There is also Voice Warrior. But from my understanding VA is the better of the two.

Control my Joystick goes a bit further than just using voice commands by adding other control mappings via peripherals and phones.

I see that and if i were less lazy (and younger) I might spend time with it, As it is i don’t use a lot of VA’s features and besides a few of my own macros, let HCS do all the work. I don’t even know or use most of the commands in my ASTRA pack as it is, either. :smiley:


I remember in HackAday someone using I think it was Web8? With a cell phone for torso twist in mechwarrior using gyro on his chair.

There are some reallt neat software for control modification. Kind of like the muscle controller though pricy.

Testing interface

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