Contradictory information between pitools and dfu.exe on Pimax 8k and 5k+

@Pimax-Support @anon74848233
Im looking at the forum topic on firmware update and I went to check that I have installed on my Pimax 8k.

I have installed pitools v. version v2.1.225.147

It is what reflects pitools and shows my hdmi is a Pimax 8k.

The overcome surprise or contradiction has come when opening the dfu.exe file that recommends @SweViver to install firmware updates.

In this case I read two betas.

.176.dfu and 181.dfu.

Before I dared to update the firmware I ran the dfu.exe and it shows me this on the screen … Hdmi Pimax 5k Format

They each give different information about the viewfinder, I don’t think it should be like that.

Did someone with Pimax 8k upgrade to .181.dfu?

The firmware updates are standard for Pimax 8k and 5k+?

Is any .dfu file valid for both viewers?

Can Pimax clarify why there are firmware versions in the forum more updated than in the pitools itself.

It would be more comfortable to have the automatic updates in pitools and the user choose whether to install or not.

I expect answers. Thank you

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I upgraded to 181 yesterday, no problems. Yes its the same fw for both 8K and 5K+


what news or improvements is that update supposed?
Pimax has not commented anything about it?

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To be honest I dont see any difference going from 176 to 181


Where can I download all firmware versions?

V2.1.225.147 etc…

Please click the “Support” button and you can come to service desk. @Sean.Huang

We will solve your problem ASAP.

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@anon74848233 So it’s not normal that from this contradictory information?

Can someone with a pimax 8k check if the same thing happens to him?
Thank you

@Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang
From where can we download the different firmware versions?

Can you make the download links available?

To return to previous version that came installed with version pitools 91

Now I’ve got 181 with pitools 95.

But I would like to be able to download the old versions to be able to install and return to previous configurations.


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Maybe just a sticky post with links to the last couple of versions of both PiTool and firmware?

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