Consumer release

Would anyone at pimax be able to give us consumers who were not able to back the product an estimate release date?

They wont give a date yet since the product is still work in progress. Consumer release will be after ALL of the kickstarter backer orders are fulfilled. That is still estimated to start in June ‘if’ all goes well with the M1 testing, otherwise all gets pushed back.

If all goes well I would ‘guess’ we will see consumer release at some point Q4 2018 (maybe Q1 2019) since it will take a few months to produce all the backer orders.


would not be surprised if its only for 2019.

After all backers are supplied, i think they will start making some stock before releasing it to the public. otherwise you got people who will pay and have to wait weeks before they get theirs.

2018 is for the backers , pimax focus will to get the backers all their hmd+base station+controllers+modules

they want to round that off i believe before releasing to the public.
the hmd and base station and controllers are in their own hands, but modules are third party…so it depends how well they are on track as well. maybe the module creators need the final version too to test their own module and tweak to make it work flawless and that also might take a while.

Before they release to the public i believe pimax want to have everything working and running.
So people who can buy hmd can also pick the modules etc and get them shipped together.
because we backers get the module for free, but the non backers need to pay and it might be wise to make that available at the same time because of shipping cost etc

just my thought and imagination…

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That’s what I’m guessing too.
When lucky maybe some time in November when all backers have been served with lighthouses. In case of any further delay for items of the expected standard package some 4-8 weeks later than the shipping of extras for the backers. Most probably early 2019, at worst less than a year from now.

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