Constant flickering, not seen anyone else with this exact issue - Pimax 5K XR

It seems to do this more and more. Sometimes if I am in the exact right perfect position it will stop. Sometimes it will stop completely no matter what position.

I use Lighthouse 1.0, I have two of them. It seems to be a bit better when only lighthouse can see me, but can still happen.

Have taken lots of precautions to avoid reflections, doesn’t help.

I have tried the usual, often a complete reboot of my computer helps. Rebooting the headset can sometimes help but not always.

Please also note that there is something wrong with the headset in another way - it is mislabelled. It doesn’t have the XR symbol on the front and the box says it’s a Plus, and PiTools doesn’t have any of the XR special options like brightness etc. It does have an OLED screen though…

Dealing with support but thought I’d throw it out here too. I am not happy, I hope I can just get a refund.

I’m also having flickering issue…but only does it in game, it doesn’t do it when I’m in SteamVR room or steamVR menu and so far still haven’t been able to find a solution for it

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I think the flickering might be a video cable problem. Verify both ends are securely plugged in. Try a different video port on the graphics card.

Pimax is a bit disorganized with their headset production and labeling. If it’s OLED, it’s a 5K XR, since (as far as I know) that’s the only OLED model (ignoring the 4K BE). The special options like Brightness are currently only available in the “beta” version of PiTool:

Who else thinks it would have been better for everyone if they only had one version of everything.

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