Congratulations? Backer box shipment

I just received an email from Pimax with the title:

You have received your new Pimax Backer Box!

Actually, NO, I have not received it. There is not even a tracking number for it on the order page, only OUT (invoice) record dated 15 October 2020.

Why Pimax is sending such messages? Leaves bitter taste…

Is’t it better to start the message with “If you received your new Pimax Backer Box”?


Of course, they just meant Congratulations! Shipment information sent to FedEx


I mean it was backer box instructions. If you click on something that says backer box installation guide they just assume you’ve gotten it.

Same here, early backer (less than one hundred) and one state away from their shipping center, but guess I’m a low priority because I’m not buying anything else from them anytime soon at this rate.

Early-ish backer in the 400’s(but backer order doesn’t matter for these)…logging into FedEx shows a label created 10/28…hasn’t shipped out yet…also I never get any emails from Pimax themselves about any of my shipments, so I just rely on FedEx to show me now.

Glad I’m not the only one with a label sitting in a printer!

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I did not get a backer box, yet I received the same email. I cancelled my backer box for a discount on my 8XK, so I should not be getting a box or email. Pimax really needs to get their s**t together.

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IMO they should have just removed the first two sentences.
" Congratulations! You have received your new Pimax Backer Box!"

I think it is better for them to just send the email to everyone, rather than trying to wade their way through the exceptions and decide who should/shouldn’t get sent an email. For example, if they just automatically remove all the people that signed up for a backer box they would all the edge case, like:

  • People with multiple headsets that didn’t use an upgrade plan for all of them.
  • People who asked for an upgrade and later canceled.
  • People who upgraded and then purchased a backer box.

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