Confusion about StarVR One XT

I recently got two HDMs: starvr one and starvr one xt. At first I was pleasantly surprised, but then I was confused.

Starvr one xt does not work because there is no suitable driver. And SteamVR does not recognize the device.
StarVR One can run, but I don’t know if it looks very fuzzy because of the lack of Display Optimization.
When I tried to download the Display Optimization file via StarVR Compass, I failed every time.
I tried to contact StarVR customer service, but I haven’t received any response.

Does anyone know StarVR? If these problems can be solved, I would be very grateful!


I wonder if star vr one xt does look better thant the regular star vr one

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Do you try this… Jira Service Management

ifair only the starvr one supports lighthouse tracking, the xt version is for other systems and if you use, lets say optitrack with it you would need to install a optitrack driver for steam vr

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I tried, and there was no response. :joy:

Absolutly correct. We cant use the XT version

With all due respect to @longrain, I understand your concerns and need for assistance. I really hope someone here can give you the help needed.

But just a though… Isn’t it quite funny that StarVR owners are forced to look for help on the Pimax official forums? :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I’ve been looking for StarVR forums for a long time, but I didn’t make it. And then I saw some people here talking about StarVR, and a lot of them were very enthusiastic. Then I saw non-Pimax in the topic category, and I thought it was an open forums. Like its name OpenMR.
I apologize to you! Sorry!


Its an Open Mixed Realiy forum not a pimax forum :grinning:

Since there is no star vr forum this is the only place where all the enthusiasts are xD

And sweeviver make sure to get in contact with the ex engineering team they will help to make distortion free hmds. Personaly I am perfectly fine with the distortions on pimax hmds but I know many aren’t, it makes me sad , I want pimax to do great against other companys.
And please make an hmd with full rgb stripe oled with high resolution. I dont care if it costs 2000-3000$ .
The colours are not acceptable right now compared to the star vr one or even the original vive


You dont need to apologise, you are of course free to ask questions and get help here at anytime, regardless of headset used :slight_smile: thats what the forum is made for.

What i think is funny though, is the lack of a StarVR official forum, or the lack of communication in general.


Of course, Im not arguing :slight_smile:

Im just curious and think its funny why StarVR doesnt host a forum for their own users, as their userbase obviously needs (and deserves) direct assistance.


they don’t have users, just a bunch of dev’s ?
pretty sure the “old” unit for the dev’s will not be the final product, it will get a more high res display before it goes to sale (consumer or more likely business)

or they sell all their basic and test models and then silently disappear

Now I’m confused. I thought this forum was called “Open MR” cause the idea was that it should be a forum for all headsets out there? If not, why was it renamed to Open MR?


I am curious to see if HP will soon be releasing service staff to solve the G2’s problems here in the forum. :joy:


I think it was intended as a (cheap?) dig towards the developers of StarVR, not its users.

If it’s true they don’t have any forums and are not providing sufficient support then that would be quite disappointing since AFAIK their products are signficantly more expensive than even Pimax headsets.

I don’t think it was intended as a criticism of longrain, but that could definitely have been made more clear.

Hopefully, some of the enthuisiasts here will be able to help.


likely, we do have a few people here that have starvr one beside pimax headset(s)
i guess as starvr only had a low number of headsets they thought is might be possible to do support by email
and also - why not having a dedicated starvr section, will be interesting to read more about that headset
and beeing just little provoking - VRgineers also do not seem to have a (official, open) forum, maybe we should invite some xtal users/de’s? would be interesting to read about there new 8k version


Probably true. And yeah StarVR service seems to be quite bad. But still, it’s much more professional if one VR company doesn’t take (cheap) stabs at their competitors.


StarVR’s display is very blurry and I don’t know if it’s because there are fewer PCD files. (Display Optimization)

Might be the resolution - it’s only like 11 pixels per degree. Might be able to improve it via super sampling and other techniques.

It could also be your IPD is out of range for the headset.

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