Confirm adress information?

Hi everybody.
I have a question, I received a second mail about comfirmation address.
The address is in Switzerland in Europe so.
in “region” what do I have to put?
Can someone help me please?
this is what he sent me, I have trouble understanding for region, I think I had to make a mistake in “region” during my first comfirmation

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I forget, do I have to answer directly from this mail?
I ask the question to be sure he receives it well?
thank you

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@DerekVVV which information should customers supply who’s address does not contain a region?

@a45amg, my guess would be to either just use a dash - or provide your Kanton, should be ignored by the postal service anyway.

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Can a Swiss man please help me?
To put the canton is useless for us.
I live in Geneva in Canton of Geneva …
! ??
I never and I never ask for it in international orders !?

I have the loses … all the complication falls on me …
Fortunately I ordered another pimax from a supplier in Switzerland directly, I received it this morning … 2 weeks it took.
now wrong that I receive the one to sell it and get my money back …


I would just use that as long as local postal/package service knows where to send the package.

That’s what I did. I’m from Denmark.

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if no region, then just make sure every other item is correct, especially the phone number.

make sure every other item is correct, especially the phone number

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