Computer stops work when I play "only Steam VR" game after upgrade my GPU to 2080

Hello, Guys! I have critical problem today.

I have Freezing? Blackout? issue after I upgrade my GPU to 2080. Previous GPU was 1080
When I play any Steam VR games including SteamVR Home.
If the rendering image is over than about 1800 pixel width for each eyes, the screens go black both monitor and VR and after that, my GPU cooler wheels are spinning very fast.

I’m very sure THIS IS not a Hardware issue. I will tell you why I think so.

First, when I play Monitor game only, the problem is not occurring at all. then You probably think that monitor games are less demanding. so I tried to use all GPU usage as much as possible. about 99%, full 4k display with supersample 200% crazy setting. But it doesn’t turn off. Just framerate is dropped. work perfectly fine.

Second, Oculus home games are fine. When I use Pitool internal plays for oculus home. it doesn’t have any problems, the performance is just fine. Much better than 1080, even with 1.25 resolution.

It must be something SteamVR problem I guess. I tried to switch normal version to Beta, Beta to Normal but it doesn’t help.

-I tired completely remove and reinstall driver Pitool and nVidia driver. It doesn’t help

-I tested both Pitool 180 beta and 132 official version. both have exact same problem.

-I tried 0.5 resoultion Pitool, but it has still same issue when I set supersampling higher.

I have tried everything that I can do myself. I need you guys help! Please help me!

Plus: I had played super demanding full raytracing game like Quake 2 RTX. But it works just fine.

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Hey sorry to hear.

Can you post your complete Specs?

Gpu Brand Model (2080) & Driver version
Windows 10 with Update level
SteamVR version; presume 1.6.x

Have you checked Steamvr, pitool logs? Just to confirm Oculus games launched from pitool are fine? Have you tried launching in steam using revive?


Sounds like a possible issue with your 2080 card here is one topic on what you have described.

And Reddit post in doing a clean driver install option.

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Hello Heliosurge, I expect you answer it first :slight_smile: Let me tell you my spec.

CPU : intel i7 4770
GPU : rtx 2080 driver: 431.60 (latest)
RAM: DDR3 16G (8 x2 PC3 12800)
Window 10 Pro version 1803
steam VR latest version beta 1.7.1 Normal 1.6.10

I don’t know how to check the logs. I’m sure I used Pitool to launch the games. I tested (oculus Dreamdeck & bullet Train with very high resolution)

I haven’t tried Revive, Because I’m sure it will not work. even SteamVR home is crushed when I go in there with high resolution setting.


I would reccommend trying to reinstall Nvidia Driver using Clean install option mentiined on Reddit.

Also cross check your Psu 12v rail amp output awhile back read that some psu of High wattage wasn’t outputting enough Amps.

TH forum says may also be a defect on the 2080 card. Good idea to check if there is bios update for your video card on manufacturer’s website.

Revive should work but one youtuber reccommends pi render at 0.5 & use Oculus & in game options for sampling.

I already reinstalled Driver several times. I used DDU software to completely remove previous one but it doesn’t help, the point of the reddit article is ‘DON’T USE DP PORT’ while reinstall driver. but I’m not sure it will help.


I would lean toward a possible issue on the Rtx card as far as I know. Your the only current user here in the forum reporting a crash issue with SteamVR.

@SweViver & @neal_white_iii (neal has a 2080 card) might have some ideas.

I do know steamvr seems to be heavier on resources compared to Oculus.

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I think this is not a Hardware problem , I wrote the reason why. I think so…

If it’s a hardware problem. running Oculus home game nicely is not explain-able. When I tested it I set very high resolution setting and result , it was.

I tested very high demanded GPU monitor games with full option with highest resolution. but it has no problem like I have in Steam VR. I tried to set GPU usage like 99% to give my GPU high voltage and power use, but no issue at all

My bios is on latest driver, I did beucase I had tried to solve iRacing juddering issue. it’s fixed by new Pitool update.

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We’ll need other Rtx users to post experiences. If it’s a steamvr issue we should have more RTX users experiencing this issue in Steamvr. Especially with it crashing in Steam Home.

What steamvr SS setting are you using? As will be good for others to compare with.

If you could post pitool render with steamvr SS setting.

Presume Smart smoothing & ffr set to off?

I tried Pitool 0.5 1.0 1.25

Steam VR I tested 20% -100%

How I set the option is not relate with the problem. the problem is occur when the resolution exceed certain value. any mixture is same.

I tired all FFR, S-smoothing, everyhting. it doesn’t help.

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I only have a 1080ti so for now will need to wait for others to weigh in there experience with 2080 & up.

With setting 1800 width/ eye & up to see if there experiencing the same issue.

What is the brand & model of your power supply? Be good to compare between others with similar setups. But in theory the 2080 should draw less power vs 1080 ti.

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i use Vacuna 600W power supply. Maybe I have to try remove whole steam completely. and reinstall it… Do you know how to do, Truely complete remove everything related with SteamVR? I want to just reset.

If you goto your steam Library on Desktop choose VR programs. I believe you can uninstall/delete steamvr there.

Exit steam & reboot. Restart steam & goto library software utils? & install Steamvr. You may need to re install pitool again so it setups up steamvr to run pimax.

Are you sure it’s 600w? On a google only found 500w vacuna

Vacuna made by powerex? Found a 600w model.

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Yeah shouldn’t be an issue on power supply.

I think your power supply is probably OK, but the recommended minimum PS for a 2080 is 650W, not 600W.

I assume you are using the non-beta version of SteamVR, right?

There might be a problem with the video card. VR is typically more demanding than a flat monitor. Consider running some very demanding graphics tests on your monitor, ideally at 4x of your monitor’s native res (using DSR-factor of 4x), in the nVidia driver control panel). Using super high res will be more demanding and have a more similar load to VR.

How quickly does it crash? Could it be overheating?


Actually your power supply might need an upgrade as Neal mentioned min req is 650.

Running some of your setup numbers with presuming no overclock an pcie ssdd & 1 Sata Hd with no extra fans & 2 usb 3.0 devices & 2 usb 2.0 with mouse & keyboard comes up 601W load with rec 651W min psu.


That’s strange.

I recently upgraded to 2080.
Pitool .144 Quality 0.75 stame SS 140%.
There is no problem. The GPU temperature during iracing is about 50 ° C.

i5 9600 5GhzOC
Palit RTX ™ 2080 GamingPro OC
DDR4 (3000) 16Gb
700W power supply


Really think it your psu that causing it.