Completely confused with the upgrad plans for backers

I have absolutely no clue which one I have to pick “if” I would upgrade. Maybe someone can put it in an understandable way for an dumba** like me.

When Kickstarter happened I pledged the Pimax 8k WITHOUT basestations and controllers -> so HMD only
Then I switched to 5k+ and got the 100$ coupon.

So what plan do I need to use? My first suggestion was Plan A, because I only had baked the HMD and this has the lowes price I assume its for HMD only upgrades? But the most expensive Plan D hast the “for backers with or without bundles”

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Plan C.

Liked the “baked”.

yeah english isn’t my main language :slight_smile:
but thanks for the answer.

Now someone on the discord says it has to be plan D.

option D is your choice all the other ones require you to have backed for the base stations and controllers. hope this helps.

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My understanding was that if you are 8k backer (as @Hoshi82) who switched to 5k+ (and got the 100$ coupon), your only options (to spend the coupon) are the plans A and C. You may use other plans as well, but would not be able to use the coupon in them.


he doesn’t have base stations or controllers backed so he can’t use option A and C since its necessary for them to have the controllers and base stations. (you can’t opt out for something you didn’t opt in for)

I pledged HMD only back then (no base stations, no controllers) and switched to 5k+ when were able to.

To which headset you would upgrade? As a backer you are still entitled to “stretch goals” which you will have to forfeit if you choose the upgrade plan. You may instead consider “the owner’s discount” which does not require you to opt-out of the stretch goals and still buy the headset with the discount (depending whether you find the stretch goals worth the price).

Actually, more I think about it, I guess @hadron is right. You “keep your basestations and controllers bundle”, i.e. you do not get a discount for them. This should equally apply to backers who did not back the controllers and basestations as well.


I think i have worked out what’s happened there. The wording is f@$ked on slide C. It is either for backers keeping their bundle OR backers who downgraded from 8k to 5k+. The problem is when you go to checkout on plan C it doesn’t calculate the discount right so it takes off an extra dollar instead of an extra 100 dollars. So it works out to 1098 if you keep the eye tracking discount. The ‘owner’ discount in the shopping cart is 1099. Which means you are giving away your backer stretch goals for 1 dollar. So it’s plainly supposed to actually drop to 999.

Since I was in this situation when making the decision I opted for the Owners discount option as that neatly gives the number which would be inclusive of the 100 bucks for the eye tracking which I will buy anyway, but also because I have basically had the same charge on my credit card WITHOUT giving up my backer benefits.
@PimaxUSA @SweViver

You are restricted to either upgrade plan D, or Upgrade Plan for 8K/5K+/5KXR Current Owner. The later plan seem a better option as you get to keep the $100 coupon and discount for eye tracking.

That’s what it is. They said it in the "live"stream.

Too bad they did not put it on the slide. This is utterly confusing for the people.


Slide C is only for backers who downgraded 8k -> 5k+, because it includes the 100$ coupon these backers get in the pricing.

For backers without downgrade, who either backed 8k or 5k+ from the start there are plans B and D, without the coupon “discount”.

I think the problem is they didn’t simply use the same naming schemes as they were used in the campaign. Like early bird 8k basic with 5k+ downgrade coupon

However, I simply hope they will send me/each a specific email with upgrade options that applies to my/each very personal backer status…

What risa2000 says.
Plans A and C are for backers who changed 8K to 5K+ and have the 100$ coupon.
In Plan A you opt out from base stations and controllers = you discount them (and you had to back them, of course).
In Plan C you keep base stations and controllers = nothing to discount (if you did not backed them there is still nothing to discount).

was there any mentioning what about the additional ordered accessories, like extra base stations or long cable?

Yes: For cases even more complicated than what is covered in the Upgrade Plans, you have to contact Pimax support.

thing is, on one side they want to ship accessories and game codes asap, on the other side they keep the upgrade offers open until end of this year. For me that doesn’t compute.


I guess there will be another survey coming through kickstarter where you have to make a choice.

The 1098 makes sense IF you are actually paying for the eye tracking module as well. This is $99 for backers so then it would equal the $999+$99 = $1098. It’s, of course, confusing because it doesn’t say if that is what is happening or not.

And I’ve not figured out how to upgrade to the Index controllers - or why tax is being added on top of the price - I would have assumed its all included.