Compatibility lower end pcs

Hi, my pc is a lower end one actually I have two but I can list them here and can you point out if any will handle the pixma 4k vr headset ty. My desktop is a low end HP Pavilion with AMD Dual core 6400 + X2 at 3.1 ghz, gpu is 520 gso i think at 512mb and ram is 8gb that’s all it has lol, this one supports DX 10. My low end laptop is lenovo ideapad 310 AMD A12 at 2.5ghz, gpu R7 and the ram is at 8gb this one supports DX 12.

Unfortunately the 2 PCs ypu have listed are fairly old. The CPU, GPU & APU would not work well for VR. Even regular current pc titles won’t likely work well.

You are definitely due for an upgrade. :’(

Minimally you want
CPU: Fx6300 or i5 (both clocked min @3.5ghz+)
-if on a budget fx6300 + fx8350+ cheap new or used. (Ryzen is now out) Ryzen or i7 (within 3gens?)
GPU: r9 290 or Nvidia 1060 (buy larger memory cards 6 to 8gig)

Also recommend min 650w psu (80plus)

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Runs very well on my i7 920, 1060 3g. Think I pretty much have the minimum for 2k. I would say if you want 1k you can go quite a bit lower, but who wants that. But yeah basically, a cheap i7 and 1060 (even 3gb) should do you fine. Of course you should pretty much buy the best thing you can afford.