Comparsion SDE Pimax 4K vs HTC Vive vs Oculus CV1

I shoot zoom video for compare SDE in Luckey Tales

Original videos for this test (with zoomed and non zoomed image):
Pimax 4k Pimax 4K over lens (Lucky Tales test) - YouTube
Oculus Rift CV1 Oculus Rift CV1 over lens (Lucky Tales test) - YouTube
HTC Vive HTC Vive over lens (Lucky Tales test) - YouTube

And one more comparsion Pimax 4K vs Oculus CV1 in Dirt Rally:
Pimax 4k - Pimax 4K over lens (Dirt Rally test) - YouTube
Oculus Rift CV1 Oculus Rift CV1 over lens (Dirt Rally test SS 2.0) - YouTube

And one more comparsion Oculus CV1 vs HTC Vive in Google Earth VR (zoomed):
HTC Vive - HTC Vive SDE (test google earth VR) with ZOOM 8x - YouTube
Oculus CV1 - Oculus Rift CV1 SDE (google earth VR test) with ZOOM 8x - YouTube

The video is shot with big zoom. If you want see real size image (as in HMD), then for a 24-inch monitor make video full screen, and move about 2.2-2.3 meters from the monitor.

Since non-optimal factory settings of Pimax, the image is improved in Piplay 1.2.53

  • increased brightness (Debug Tool / High_level2: 10033036)
  • the option “cold colors”
  • in the setting of Nvidia, the Digital Vibrance parameter (80%) is increased
  • Pixel Per Display = 150%

The purpose of this test is to compare ONLY Screen Door Effect and does not mean the superiority of Pimax over Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive. This is not advertising Pimax, just compare SDE.
Now Pimax not have problem with brighntess and dim image. But still has major problems - ghosting, less FOV, lense edge blur, latency, gyro drift and close focus of lenses (0.5 meters vs 2…4 meters for Oculuus and Vive).
And i still recommended Oculus CV1 with Touch if you have money. HTC Vive has worse SDE, and i prefer Oculus CV1 and now sold HTC Vive.
And i have Pimax as second HMD for movies and for seated games and wait, than Pimax finally fix all disadvantages.


Indeed. I have tried Vive and Oculus (purchased and refunded) and was completely disappoint in VR until i suddenly found Pimax! Thank you guys for that great headset!

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Damn, is it really that evident?

Don’t think I could deal w/ those visuals from the Rift nor Vive.

Is super-sampling enabled or at least 1.5/1.8 pixel density?

Perhaps the Vive/Rift comparison is not @ it’s absolute best case scenario if you have the proper hardware to do so.

This is not a pixel density issue (software), its a display pixel grid (hardware).
Basically this is the only and most valuable difference between pimax - it has displays with higher resolution which means less pixel grid, even if software resolution set to full hd to match oculus/vive.

Done did it:

Right out the gate, just looking @ the Oculus Home screen, the quality is not even close to the Pimax 4K.

Even after cranking super-sampling/Pixels Per Display to 1.8, even 2.0…

Granted some titles look pretty good but the main titles that were in my cross-hairs leave much to be desired.

Some say it’s not that big of a quality trade-off, perhaps not on select titles but it is badly evident in Elite Dangerous, Assetto Corsa, ATS, ETS2, Google Earth VR, Virtual Desktop & Bigscreen Beta.

Positional Tracking w/ Controllers is great and the 90hz is good stuff but I’d honestly rather deal w/ the Pimax 4K and it’s issues until something else supercedes it.

Did I mention that without the filters, the image is much brighter on the Pimax 4K?

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I insisted on adding controllers and laser posional tracking to complete pimax4k, but pimax has not yet answered. How foolish is this? Now they seem to be hanging only on the pimax 8K. Currently, nolo vr is the best way for pimax4k. But I think it will not be satisfactory.

Wy dod you think that ? Waiting on an update from NOLO for shipping confirmation, although I fear that they will delay it and wont ship it in may as promised.

Of course I am waiting for delivery of nolo vr. Affordable and easy installation is considered a great advantage. What I am disappointed with is the lack of tracking latency. You can find out by watching the video in detail. The motion of the body does not match the screen but is displayed on the screen slightly slower. This is a factor that inhibits immersion in the virtual environment and is similar to psmove, the camera tracking method.

There is still such an option:
It is still in development and there are drawbacks.
The device will be modular.
The developers announced the support of the steam.
The camera is combined with a gyro.
The ability to build their huge rooms.
Do controllers of any shape.
Works in the sunlight
Quick Calibration
Very low latency

The tapes must be in the same plane.
Most likely, controllers may lose their position in a vertical or horizontal position

It’s a way to use the tracking marker outside. Interestingly enough, this approach will be easily skipped by tracking methods that don’t require markers like Microsoft’s vr. Of course, this is free from the constraints of space.

It’s more likely that the Microsoft Helmet will not support the Steam.
There are doubts that their system will be suitable for games since it is too much like leap motion.

Yes, of course. However, it is easy to expect that plug-ins will appear in OSVR for popular products. Then we will be able to play steamvr via OSVR.

I still insist that pimax should release the pimax4k laser tracking system separately from pimax8k. Pimax competitor deepoon has already released their new laser tracking system and new HMD and is about to launch. It is considered difficult to be late any longer.

You’re implying that the NoloVR will have a slight delay in it’s input?

Hopefully it’s just an driver optimization issue that can be improved.

The increase in price & to be stuck w/ input delays will be a hard sale.

As with the OLED display for low latency on the display, low latency on tracking must be applied. This is a hardware problem that can not be overcome by the driver. Currently, laser tracking is the only method.

I insist on pimax’s laser tracking system release earlier than the 8k release. I believe that it will be a way to preserve the base of the domestic market in China. Deepoon e3 and hypereal pano, which will be released in June, will definitely be a big threat to pimax.

Just ordered the E3 So can report back on screen resolution. Laser stations release later allthough I hope the sensors are in the basic version Im getting!

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That’s great!! Please let us know about the E3


Yes will do. AlI hope is that their automatic IPD setting works properly. It seems to be a single fixed screen like pimax

Is the Pimax real alternative to the Rift or Vive?
OSVR is 400$ and have positional tracking but not working properly yet.
Pimax plus NoloVR is real equivalent to the Rift/Vive and together is cost 375+150=525$ Who knows how will work and despite higher resolution LCD have problems with stutering and ghosting. It is LCD hardware issue and can’t be solved without hardware change.

CV1 is complet solution and working perfectly for just 75$ more inclouding Oculus touch, additional camera and Xbox controller.

Why I should chose Pimax instead of CV1? higher resolution is only pro for Pimax everithing else is going on CV1 side and practically for same price.
VR experiance is not only screen or positional tracking but how together it is working and creating VR experience combined.

High resolution display and price.
I had both vive and oculus and chose pimax for better displays.

For me VR experience is a good sharp image and ability to look around. Controllers and bodytrackers are not necessary, although i purchased nolo only to have bodytracker to see how the difference will be in racing games with ability to tilt and to see if vorpx will support this in fallout 4. If not - i’ll rather sell it on ebay (nolo, not my pimax).

I think it always tied on type of games you’re playing. Wenn i was waiting for VR during many years i was expecting to see VR industry based on regular PC games, and not these low graphic / indi game based on interaction. So as for me Pimax is great for regular games where you expect to see top quality picture and ability to look around (elite dangerous is a good example, mmo and high quality game with full VR support, a good example of how games and VR must be done), while interaction or ability to move in the room is not very important or even useless, imho.

p.s. hating SCS Software each day for not released vr support in ETS2, a game where VR would fit excellent.

Personally I hate SDE so much that I haven’t even considered buying the Oculus or the Vive. Of course the Pimax isn’t perfect, I would have loved higher refresh rate, OLED screen etc. But fact of the matter is that such panels aren’t for sale yet. So I’m happy with Pimax.