Comparison of VR Video Player

The article is written by Chinese VR enthusiast “Mohan” and has been authorized to share.



After comparing and evaluating more than 10 VR Video Player apps, I personally prefer the HereSphere.

HereSphere, in my opinion, has nearly reached its maximum performance in term of movie quality (resolution and bitrate) , but unfortunately the FOV and PPD have become the short board (8KX FOV is still 30%short of full value, while PPD has at least 60% for further improvement).

Not only does HereSphere offer 3D, sharpening, colour saturation, and online video streaming, but it also provides the following unique features:

  1. Motion feature, which puts VR viewing immediately into 6DOF mode, providing an immersive experience. As you progress, you will enter the VR world. (DeoVR recently learnt from HereSphere and updated the same function, more directly known as 6DOF, however regrettably deoVR’s value is limited which resulting in inadequate space)

  2. Automatic IPD adjustment, 3D video source close up will invariably have double image, or uncomfortable focusing, but HereSphere automatic IPD adjustment completely eliminates this problem, and close up can be very clear, without any discomfort. Motion function allows you to enter the VR world, and automatic IPD makes you close up comfortable and clear, the two are a perfect match.

  3. Ultra-low resource occupancy. According to the test, DeoVR consumes 60fps resources in the limit state, with 18 delays and 97 percent GPU occupying 12g video memory, whereas HereSphere can accomplish 90fps with 6 delays and 50 percent GPU occupying 8g video memory.

Other VR Video Player Apps:

DEOVR Player

There’s no need to go into much detail about this software; instead, focus on its individuality and heresphere. It allows you to watch virtual reality videos online. Hundreds of online VR videos are built-in to the DEOVR player, which may be downloaded through Steam.

Moon VR Video Player

HereSphere isn’t great for watching regular non-VR 3D movies. Moon VR Video Player, on the other hand, supports curved screens, has high video compatibility, and can play mkv files, which is why I prefer it…

Veer vr player

Veer VR is a classic app. The most distinctive feature is that it includes a huge number of online virtual reality video materials, and the network speed is enough. Unfortunately, the sharpening effect can only be applied to the UI interface after sharpening using FSR, and it cannot be utilised for any video. You might try using the lumasharpen plugin in reshade to enhance it.


It is suggested that you use this player with VD. Select video in potplayer—3D video output—always use 3D video output, source left and right video, and VD set 3d options—half sbs, and then install the madvr decoder, and then set the entire screen. Potplayer offers a lot of features and supports subtitles, however it’s tough to get started with. Potplayer and VORPX do not support 3D, although potplayer can play Blu-ray original disc isos.


Powerdvd also supports Blu-ray original disc iso playback, however the VR mode of the Powerdvd player does not allow you to modify the size of the window, which is as small as a mobile phone. It would be preferable if it supported altering the size of the window in VR mode. Powerdvd is easier to use than Pot, and both are the only players that enable ISO disc playback.


The performance is normal, mainly supporting subtitle file path loading.

Skybox player

It works similar like Moon VR Video Player, however it was taken from Steam due to acquisition, so I won’t say anything about it. Furthermore, I don’t see why Skybox player isn’t as comfy as other players when viewing 3D movies. I’m not sure if it’s for personal reasons.

Gizmovr video player

Support for manual subtitle path and loading, support for inputting URLs, watching online VR videos, however the network cannot be accessed for some reasons and some MKV files cannot be proceed; I wonder whether the current version upgrade resolves these issues.

How to make HereSphere perform better

  1. At the time, HereSphere does not provide contrast adjustment; instead, it only supports grey level and colour saturation adjustments. By increasing the colour saturation and contrast, dark scence may be rendered brighter and brighter. HereSphere, perhaps, will offer contrast adjustment in a future release.

  2. HereSphere has a sharpening limit; it is advised to install an FSR sharpening and pull the sharpening 1.0; it is not recommended to use Resahde LUMA sharpening because it is going to burden your GPU. To increase contrast, utilise Reshade’s Tonemap plug-in.

  3. If you install pirated HEVC or those Klite from the internet at random and the video does not play, you must delete and reinstall the decoders I suggested. Furthermore, system trash might lead to incompatibility, requiring the system to be reinstalled. A genuine system is advised.

  4. In most circumstances, the greater the headset’s FOV and PPD, the greater the source resolution and bit rate, and hence the better the real impact.

  5. This player is available on Steam store, thus it is suggested that you use it. Update support is assured for the legal version of the software. HereSphere is still in its early stages and needs to be updated and enhanced.

Last but not least, is that watching in VR mode has extremely high requirements for large FOV and high-quality film sources, but watching 3D conventional movies, it is often advised to examine the screen ratio, and large FOV also has more advantages. Adjust the 3D image into large screen gives a highly immersive experience, but the criteria for large FOV are eased for normal movie watching, especially given that most conventional movie sources on the market are of average resolution and quality. The clarity cannot be observed after the huge picture, thus the medium / small FOV and high PPD headsets have a better performance at this time.



I would like to ad Whirligig again. It has somewhat similar features.
What is outstanding for me is the language toggling and subtitle toggling, even without a restart.
The HereSphere developer made a statement about such a feature, witch was not encouraging (see steam).
So, he may deliver this feature in a far future, then I will tryout again. In the meantime I stick to Whirligig.
By the way, we already had such a thread, I refer here: looking for a good VR viewer


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