Compare SDE of 5K+ to Pimax 4K


We Pimax 4K owners are very happy with the small SDE of the 4K headset and now we have to choose between the 8K and a 5K+.

For us it is really a question how much the SDE is different from the 4K. Because we bought the Pimax 4K because of that small SDE.

We are also very much accustomed to looking at a certain high pixel density screen and I fear going back to bigger SDE is going to be very noticeable.

Can you please send a Pimax 4K unit to one or some of the testers (SweVR) so they can do a screen comparison for all the Pimax 4K owners? Thank you!


thanks for the suggestion, will ship the first batch soon, we are certain there will be 4K owners in the first batch to make comparison.


With @SweViver having & using a Samsung s8 we could get an idea by asking sweviver distance & such to try & make a compare shot on the 4k.

If my lg g6 can create a good compare to the s8 might be able to make something.

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