Commercial use?


Has there been any information on using the Pimax 8k in a commercial setting?

The Vive (and now the Rift) have commercial versions available for those using them in arcades and other such establishments.


As the kickstarter has vr party package. Because of the valve compatability; if you have a vive setup the 8k should drop in place just load the pimax driver & you should be good 2 go.

Thanks for the reply but that isn’t what i’m asking.

I’m certain there will be no issues with getting everything to work. My question is more of a legal one. If you read the Vive and Rift’s normal ToC or legal mumbo-jumbo it says they cannot be legally used in a commercial setting. You must buy the Vive Business Edition version of the HTC Vive which is 100% identical except it comes with a few extras (deluxe strap, extra face cushions, etc) and it costs pretty much twice the price. It comes with a different legal license, allowing you to charge other people to use it.

The rift, as of a week or two ago, now also offers a ‘commercial’ version. It’s also the exact same rift, just has a higher price tag and the legal mumbo-jumbo says you can use it in an arcade.

Hope that explains my question better :slight_smile:

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Added some pokes to the PiMax team.

Thanks Heliosurge!

I’m new to this forum and to Pimax in general, just found out about it today for the first time and have spent the past few hours reading up on it and watching videos. It looks VERY promising.

I’m partnering with a few guys to open up a small VR arcade, at first we were going to buy the Vive but I see so much more potential with Pimax 8k! We wanted to open in 2-3 weeks, was going to order some Vives tomorrow but now we aren’t so sure it’s a good idea, we may want to wait for Pimax.



Your welcome! I am also a fellow Canuck. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles::tada:

Yes, we plan to release a business version in the future, it may use OLED panel. but first we will focus on the Kickstarter 2C version

I would say, if you can afford to write off the cost of the Vive(s) go for it now, and do not wait for Pimax. There is a high risk of a delay, you do not know what will be features, HW requirements etc.

For personal use I would say you might want to wait it out, but if you want to start the business Vive is fine, because it is fun (especially with roomscaling etc.). Space Pirate Trainer is an instant hit for an arcade. Soon to come Beat Sabre might be too. Also Vive is already ironed out product, which you can basically plug-and-play. So there is much less risk you would have disappointed customers (because you would have to tinker with the HW to make it running).

Later on, once all is set, it would be much easier to add Pimax to your portfolio :).

Thanks for the replies.

Our arcade is co-located with a restaurant/bar and we only have room for 2 stations right now. The owner is renovating the space in December and we’ll have room for 4 or 5 stations by early January.

Maybe we should buy 2 Vive now to get started right away and also pledge for at least two Pimax 8k.
If we dont pledge for Pimax 8k, it may be several months past January before we can get them. I imagine it will take a while to get the kickstarters out and then start regular sales.



Bacon. He wants to know if say he went for VR party or single headset n controllers if he can use PiMax for commercial use without buying a special business model.

Yeah grabbing a couple vives might be wise to get things going. Full packages are scheduled to start shipping in feb but not sure when in feb & ues could have some kind of delay may occur.

Great idea. I intend to do the same but mine will be mobile so that I can set up at a party or any other social gathering as part of the overall entertainment package. Probably flight sim based.

I’m 55yo and have bit of rheumatism. Sometimes i already use eyetracking (another device) and it works great, also with fps. :sunglasses:

is the pimax 8k headset sold out completely or still can be bought on kickstarter ?