Command line for starting Pimax's version of SteamVR?

I use custom shortcuts for a lot of things and I was wondering how do I start Pimax’s version of SteamVR?
I’ve got a custom game launcher that uses a lot of custom shortcuts and I was wondering how do I start Pimax’s version of SteamVR as a command line.
Also, in the past, it’s been a bad idea to start a VR game without SteamVR already up and loaded. Is this still the case with the Pimax? What’s been your experience?
Do you launch the game and let Pimax deal with SteamVR or do you start SteamVR and then the game?

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There is no “Pimax version of SteamVR”, just SteamVR. If the game requires/supports SteamVR and you start the game directly, it will launch SteamVR before it starts itself. The game does not know which headset it will be rendered on, so there is no particular setting exclusive for Pimax. Pimax is just one of many headsets which supports SteamVR (implements OpenVR “driver”).

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I have not actually tried just starting a game since I got my Pimax, but I can tell you that if you just start SteamVR, without starting it thru Pimax, it will fail. At least it does on mine. So I’m assuming that there are some arguments being passed.

Edit: this may actually be the answer, however. I’ll have to try it and find out. Wouldn’t surprise me if I’m just over complicating things! Thanks!

Use ProcessExplorer, once SteamVR is started you’ll be able to see the command-line that started it.


I’ve used ProcessExplorer in the past but I did not know that it could do that! That could be handy for a bunch of programs! Thanks for the heads up!!

Edit: let me rephrase that! I’ve used something called ProcessExplorer in the past, not sure that it’s the same program.

Here’s how I launch it:
“C:\Games\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 250820”

Obviously, change steam.exe location.


Interesting! With your Pimax? Is PiTool running when you do that?

I think you used process lasso which is a 3rd party app, on contrary to process explorer which is ms genuine

I do not run Pitool unless I need to change settings (and I absolutely love it that way). However, there are strange bugs lurking still. For some reason for example, I see Smart Smoothing, or FFR re-enabled sometimes, without me changing anything . Still yeah, pitool is needed just to pass settings to Pimax’s OpenVR driver.

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This one always works, with or without Pitool and you don’t need to be logged into Steam (handy for ED).
It also doesn’t try to update itself but Steam needs to be started separately:

“XX:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SteamVR\bin\win64\vrmonitor.exe”


This is actually the standard way to launch any Steam app. In this case an app with an ID of 250280 is SteamVR. This will however launch Steam as well.

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Not SteamVR related but it would be a good idea to use process explorer/etc and launch an Oculus game from PiTool. IIRC some Oculus Home games will only work properly when launched from PiTool and won’t work when launched directly from Oculus Home.