Comfort Kit Foams

I’m looking at the comfort kit sold from a pimax european distributor , this listing says it includes a single face foam , is that right? i thought i saw talk on this forum of there being a thick and thin foam necessary for different face shapes – does anyone have any more info on that before i pull the trigge?

thank you whoever has the info

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I bet @PimaxQuorra or @PimaxUSA can tell you more.


Look at the Pimax store directly in Accessories…

In the Pimax shop you can see that Pimax sells two different facial foam replacements… yes, they come in two different sizes… 13.5MM and 15MM.

Now in the Pimax store look at the Pimax Comfort kit. You’ll see that it comes with only one facial cushion and that single facial cushion doesn’t appear to be the same size of the two replacement face cushions sold separately. It has a different shape… the top forehead part of the cushion is wider. The 2 different size foam replacement cushions are separate from the cushion provided in the comfort kit and there is no choice of size of the cushion for the comfort kit.

I would like to “pull the trigger” myself on getting the Pimax comfort kit but I need to get it from the Pimax store because I have a Pimax $100 coupon but it never seems to be in-stock!!! I hope @PimaxQuorra can tell me when it will become available again!


I have asked this question myself recently of @PimaxQuorra and not gotten an answer.

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FYI a reply from the shop support:

Hello Seth, Yes, there is only 1 face foam about 16mm of thickness

that sounds like the original thicker foam, is there thinner available yet for the CK?

So perhaps they’re including a second thinner foam in the Vision packs, but not with the CK when purchased separately.

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