Color option for Pimax parts

Hello @PimaxVR , i’d like to contribute idea of color option on parts that will be created.
Just found these green controllers on internet and also saw similar on youtube/twitch chromakey stream and i kinda like it.

This is not a color option, tiis is a silicon bumpers.
AliExpress sample

All we need is ask the manufacturer to add chomakey color to their colorlist. :slight_smile:

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Can you imagine custom knuckle bumpers?

Of course, I can, because the arc and head of knuckle must be protected.

Can you imagine how long it will take to get your controllers if we keep adding modifications? Just saying…

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also those silicone skins are a third party product. leave this stuff to third parties. pimax needs to focus their limited resources on their core products.

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Black is always better…on things like that

Color means very little when you won’t be able to see it while you are using it. In VR they could be any color!

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that is what i was thinkin…what does it matter when in VR you dont see it…serious human thought are so weird and illogical sometimes

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Can you like stop posting about how controller will look in VR if you don’t know what green screen chroma key is.

Also tell me that nobody will bitch about that color stripe on HMD, poor people. Adding color must be very complicated process, it will delay all the dates for sure.

A company that is selling currently a few thousand headsets would be ill advised to invest in multiple colour production runs in plastic. Not even oculus or htc do this. And a third party company would be equally ill advised to try and cater to the fraction of that tiny user base that will want a silicon cover in a particular colour. In a year when there are 10 x more headsets sold you might get lucky and get one. until then, paint your controller if you want green screen. Use liquid mask How to use Liquid Masking Film - YouTube to mask off all the buttons and sensors. lay in a few coats of primer , then your chroma key green in acrylic then seal it, then carefully remove the masking. How To REPAINT A Nerf/Prop Gun! - YouTube