Coders: Subnautica: Below Zero in VR needs your help!

There’s someone working on getting Below Zero into VR and he’s asking for help here
If you have any skills, it would be epic to get this game into VR like Subnautica…


Oh yeah this would be very nice, peeps with skill go help!

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He got the water and shaders working! Reddit Post

This is looking good! Just in time for my 8kX, I hope!


looks like it’s really getting some attention, this is great. I may finally have to pick this one up.

Now if someone could VR-ify Firewatch

edit : Someone mentioned this on a thread somewhere on reddit

with all of these games, (especially ones that had vr but then dropped vr),

“You ask a developer how long it takes to add VR support and they say years with multiple devs. You ask a passionate modder to do it and it takes months with 1 guy”

this is so damned true and the reason why i’ll never believe an answer from the Everspace2 devs , or subnautica guys, or anyone who wont add basic vr support to their games.

I understand to a degree with games like ED:O because of the walking kind of(but not really)
but especially with driving and flying games all we really need is a head tracked camera at minimum and we’d be happy.


Games like LA:Noire handles walking/driving fine with a fade to black type effect where it instructs you to sit down when you transition from walking to driving. Having a flat screen projected in front of your face for the walking portion is just pure laziness. A little extra effort and they could even do both actually if space is an issue.(Something I’ve seen brought up here)

Fact is devs just aren’t willing to put in the effort for VR games at this stage.


I wonder if it’s laziness or ignorance? We’re probably talking about people who have been coding in their own languages for years and if no one told them that importing these things into VR was even possible, why would they know how to do it?
-I don’t have a clue, it was just something that I thought of and wanted to throw it out there to see if it might make sense?


yup, that’s what I meant by ‘but not really’ . its pretty lazy, it would take them like what , a few hours?, days?

I think they know it would be cool, but $$ trumps passion.


Have you bought and set it up, yet? I really want to but I came across a post that said that the head position is way off for Steam users and I need someone to test it! :thinking: :grin:

SteamVR’s head position is off by default (this is not an issue for Oculus users running the Oculus version. Your head will be really high above the player running the SteamVR version).

From the download page.

just play it via pitools import in Oculus mode - should do the trick


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