Code Of Conduct

Pimax together with VR enthusiasts & VR Community Members strive to shape the most immersive experience for all the VR enthusiasts.

Upon using these forums community participants must adhere to the following rules:

  • The Pimax forum has been made available for members to hold discussions which may also include exchange of ideas/suggestions as well as community support. Ensure that the Topics created are placed into the correct category, Community leaders and Moderator may move the topics into the correct category without notice.

  • Please be aware that the community comments shown on the forums may not be Pimax’s ideals, policies, targets or business goals. They will be opinions of the community members only! Unless posted by an ‘Official’ Pimax employee.

  • Any information posted on the forum is not confidential, so please do not post personal or confidential information in the open forums. Any information posted on the forums may be downloaded, reproduced, and disseminated without the knowledge of original posters so please use extreme care when posting or sending any information.

  • Nothing in this Conduct will impair Pimax’s right to develop, acquire, license, market, promote or distribute products, software or technologies that perform the same or similar functions as, or otherwise compete with any products, software or technologies that you may disclose, develop, produce, market, or distribute. In the absence of a separate written agreement to the contrary, Pimax will be free to use any information, suggestions or recommendations you provide to Pimax or the Pimax VR Forums for any purpose.

  • By using these forums; ALL users must acknowledge and agree that they:

    • Will not post any copyrighted or other property righted material, users accept that any posts containing this type of material will be removed without warning and a STRIKE applied to their logon (see 3 strike rule at the bottom of this Post)
    • Agree that all information posted on the forums are ‘free to use’ rights (including rights to publish) any and all information on the forums.
  • No unauthorized advertisements! or links (Including but not limited to: ‘Spam’, Unsolicited links, Racism, Porn, Religion, Politics, etc).

  • Pimax Official products may be posted without direct approval from Forum moderator, if however there is a new VR Product that requires discussion this may be posted in the VR Gadgets section of the forums

  • Any post that has been flagged for moderator review by authorized community members may be removed once the moderator has reviewed the post if it breaches any or all of the above rules.

  • If a topic drifts away from the ‘topic subject’, the community leaders will initially try to steer the topic back on track, if however this is unsuccessful the topic may be closed.

  • Any topic or posts, which mentioning legal action/ fraud/ canceling payment via paymaster policy,will be marked unlisted or made private immediately as any and all of these proceedings need to be managed by Pimax Staff through the Pimax Support System.

  • All members should follow some simple rules of thumb.

    • Respect each other – when posting or replying to posts respond is a manner you would like to be responded to - keep it civil.
    • The community may offer tips, advice, and knowledge to any members, however, Pimax take no responsibility for any damage to any hardware or software including data loss if the information does not come direct from Pimax support staff, however Pimax acknowledge the community have some very knowledgeable members and are always keen on VR improvement suggestions or technologies that come to light that might improve future projects. “Topic flooding” with repeated posts that contain duplicate information is strictly prohibited and will result in flagged and removed posts.
    • Pimax has a ZERO tolerance in relation to Personal Attacks, Creation of Duplicate or burner accounts, Trolling or posts that are repeated excessively.

Excessive violations of any of the rules will result in account bans.

  • For any forum user that breaches any of the above rules within this code of conduct a new 3 step policy is in place.
    • STRIKE 1 – You receive at least two flagged posts where a Moderator agrees with the flag. A Private Message with a warning will be sent to the member.
    • STRIKE 2 – You have received 3 or more flagged posts where a Moderator agrees with the flag. An additional private Message with a warning will be sent to the member, this may include a “time out” period or limited account suspension at the moderators discretion.
    • STRIKE 3 – 4 or more flagged messages where the Moderator agrees with the flag can result in a lengthy or permanent account suspension as determined by the Moderator.

Note: ALL FORUM MODERATOR DECISIONS ARE FINAL! Neither the Forum Moderator, The Community Leaders nor Pimax will enter into any discussions regarding these decisions in ANY OPEN PUBLIC forum. If you have a grievance with any decision which ends in an infraction send a Private Message directly to the community leader/forum moderator and it will be reviewed.

Pimax reserves the right to modify ‘the Code of Conduct’ at any time.


Many thanks to @Enopho for putting up the code of conduct.
Any feedback, please poke @Community so all the moderators, leaders, and Pimax staffs will be informed.