Clarity in upscaled 90hz mode 8kx vs 8k+

I can’t decide between 8kx and 8k+

I found compare pic 8kx in native 75hz 4k res. Of course native 4k is the best and picture is very sharp.

But I will only use 90hz mode in 8kx so picture will be upscaled, the same like in 8k+
If both headsets will have same upscaled resolution in 90hz then clarity will be the same?
I know oled panel will have better color/black but how much of a difference will be in terms of sharper image.

Also if I will use supersampling in my 5k+ and I will increase res to 4k in steamvr, then it’ll be same upscaled picture as 8k+ in 100% steamvr res?

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From my understanding Upscaled mode in 8kX will be the same as 8k+(Essentially Upscaled mode is 8k+ Mode)

8k+ & 8kX are lcd.

No the 5k+ Supersampled is still limited by it’s Panel Resolution. The upscaled 8k can look better due higher pixel density providing less sde.


I tried the 8KX at CES last weekin 8K plus (upscaled) mode and for me it was radically lower in clarity (to the point it wasn’t pleasant or desirable for me at all) and wonder myself if this is the same/identical as the 8K plus natively but after trying the 8KX in native 4k per eye it’ll be very hard to go back to a lower resolution/clarity anyway…I was blown away by the 8KX natively to the point I purchased one though


It could be you noticed a big difference because you started at 8K X native. If you started with Index and then 8K+ mode, you might have seen a clarity boost and then an even higher one with 8k x native


On my other post someone else said “Could have been that the swap to upscaling mode did not have good settings - @SweViver Said a restart of Steam is needed If I am not mistaken. so it will most likely appear to steam as another hmd which needs the settings to be made accordingly - at least that could be why it was maybe preceived worse besides the actual upscaling effect”


Yeah - that’s what I said :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Edit: I tried the “answer via mail” - seems not active here so here a link where @sweviver posted some through the lens shots:

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You know what I think?

That 8K+ image is very much my experience with the Pimax 4K and Elite.

@SweViver Have you finally got a chance to check out the 4K yet?


Do You have “macro-lens-eyes”? :nerd_face:




In theory the ranking of visual quality from worst to best should be as follows:

  • 5k+ at default (native) resolution.
  • 5k+ at default (native) resolution with supersampling.
  • 8k Plus at default (upscaled) resolution / 8kx in 90Hz mode (upscaled). Same display at same resolution should look exactly the same.
  • 8k Plus at default (upscaled) resolution with supersampling / 8kx in 90Hz mode (upscaled) with supersampling. I guess running the 8kx in upscaled mode with supersampling could make sense if frame rate is really important to you.
  • 8kx at default (native) resolution.
  • 8kx at default (native) resolution with supersampling. If there’s a computer that can run that :smile:

Native and upscaled refers to whether the image is upscaled from a lower resolution or rendered at the native resolution of the panels.


8kx at default (native) resolution with supersampling. If there’s a computer that can run that

Mine does. So did the computers at CES. Anything with a decent CPU and a RTX 2080 Ti can.

My latest PC hardware recommendations are kept on this spreadsheet, which at the moment is a bit ragged, but has the basics.