Check out this view. It‘s stunning!

I respect that you want to promote your game. But please keep it to one thread, this is your 3rd already. At this point it just gets annoying.

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The game has some beauty, and also had good performance. But it does appear to be very unfinished. That opening menu scene is beautiful, but unrepeated throughout the game. If you like planetary scenes, get Elite dangerous or if you want our solar system + milky way consider —>Overview.

I wouldn’t say stunning. Some of the graphics actually look dated on Youtube. As important what i see in play (zombies in space) doesn’t excite me any more. GL though.

I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you, I will pay attention to the timeline of the content I share, Hope you can feel forgiven.

Yes, we need the right amount of freshness. Of course, we hope to show you different highlights in the same genre.

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Yes, it’s currently the EA , but it’s being worked on to improve it. Thanks for your compliments and suggestions, and I hope I can present more content to you.

Wait is this not the work of a huge development team? In that case, this game is really nice!

Yes, you thought right, this is a game in development, “Wandering In Space” .You can check it on Steam.glad to get your favorite

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Thanks! Actually, there are only around 20 persons in the team. We are indie VR game developers. If you have interest, please support us. We are continuing develop Wandering In Space!

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I do support you indeed! Happy to own the game!

Haha no worries mate. Always happy to see people develop for VR.

Thanks for your support! We will continue to develop Wandering In Space!

Thanks! We will insist to do that!

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