Cheaper, sharper lenses - Mexican scientist solves aberration problem


That’s quite interesting. I expect it will take a few years for new lenses using this technology to become available, but I think this is great news. I didn’t even know this could be possible with a single lens (as opposed to composite lenses). This will probably show up first in professional camera lenses, since the weight reduction should be significant.

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We already discussed this here:

I’m sceptical and even if it worked that wavy surface would be difficult to manufacture.


Hmm well this is all theory as far as I can tell. I’ll be impressed when someone actually makes such a lens in the first place, and then seeing this work.


Agreed. Note that particular surface was to demonstrate the proof. The formula lets you calculate 1 side, while the other is arbitrary, so 1 side could be a conventional shape.

While it would be difficult to manufacture, I suspect it would actually be easier than a Fresnel lens. If the lens will be plastic, you only need to make the mold. Then the final lenses would be no more difficult to manufacture than any other lens.

Could be, I always think abut glass, but I suppose plastic is good enough for VR and easier to make. I was also concerned by the fact that rectilinear distortion was not mentioned at all (but for VR it could be compensated for in software I guess). Anyway, someone should make lens prototype (another kickstarter maybe :-)) and we will see what it can do.

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That equation looks more difficult than the combined Standard Model Equation that defines most of reality bar gravity.

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i don’t think that’s a problem - even if you have to invent a new constant or two
the problem might be material and the ability to shape it in the accuracy needed (for a low price as we need it)

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Ok, so that equation is about as dense as the Guttenberg Bible, but since Pimax makes their own lenses, they should give this formula a look.

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