Chance Dmas only for Dmas or your own audio headset?

Dear @PimaxQuorra and @PimaxUSA

Is it possible to change the design of the Dmas in the future? That we can only use the Dmas or your own audio headset. With the Smas version when I use my own audio Headset corsair virtuoso. The nob of the Smas is pushing against the corsair virtuoso. Or other headsets. And I need too turn the Headstrap of the corsair to the front of the comfort kit. It works. But it isn’t comfortable and the sound is not good in line on the ears for suroundsound.

Also a fast Dmas turn click system is also preferred without screwing a screw on the inside. For fast Dmas or own audio solution?

Thanks in advance.


While it’s unlikely to occur in the near future, it’s still worth bringing this up with the hardware team for consideration.

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Thanks for sending this to the hardware team. It would be nice if you could use a audio headphones the way you supposed to where it.

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