CES Show in Las Vegas Volunteer Request

This is a request for those who would like to volunteer to assist with the booth at CES.

CES begins January 5th through January 8th, 2023. 16 days from now.

Some staff cannot attend due to issues with C19 overseas so we really do need some Pimax enthusiast assistance if at all possible.

DM me or respond here if interested.


We will definitely be missing some people from the China office so any help at the show would be greatly appreciated.

Fly me to Vegas? :airplane:

“Generally” where are you located?

Flattered even a response! haha. Tokyo. :jp:
But ya know, even if by some chance or seriousness, It’s either business class, or… knock me out with heavy drugs and stick me in the cargo hold. ! :crazy_face:

Heh that is indeed a stretch. :slight_smile:

Should be able to get those days off. That is if im going there. If it’s paid travel then I’m good to go.