CES 2022 Aftermath

Some might remember CES 2022 - for all the wrong reasons, Covid19 etc. But Pimax managed to give one demo to a few select Youtubers (ThrillSeeker). Details of the this demo were never fully released nor were the Videos from any of the Youtubers that got to experience the 12k prototype.

Now we’re 9 months on from CES and two weeks away from the Crystal launch can the details from the CES demo now be de-classified? Kevin said the demo went well so why not allow us their insite?

I’m really looking forward to CES 2023 BTW!

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I recall Kevin saying that the team decided there was no rush to get impressions out there and that they would rather have people try the headset again in a state much closer to (if not literally the) retail version and then go from there for a marketing push. It doesn’t really make any sense or benefit Pimax to bother doing this stuff too far in advance.

That said, Crystal stuff (unrelated to CES or that NDA demo which was just 12K afaik) should be coming soon you’d imagine, as in the next couple of weeks. Kevin did mention an event in Florida this month, if I recall correctly, so that may be what that is.

Yeah I didn’t recognize any other events in Florida, so perhaps that’s Kevin’s own show? The Pimax Launch event! Maybe they should do it like an actual shuttle launch - like a for real countdown timer. Which will be first Artemis or Pimax. ?

This was something they should have done at CES 2018 with the KS. As it was, there was serious criticism for the presentation they made back then.
It is perhaps fortunate they did not present at this year’s CES given the subsequent Youtuber silence.That they (were) going to CES 2022 makes the remark " the team decided there was no rush to get impressions out" seem hollow.
More than what did the Youtubers actually find back then?, I still wonder what the hell kind of presentation they were going to make. I’m thinking in some ironic way Covid did them a favor back then.

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