CES 2021 .What are you expecting

CES 2021 Electronics Fair officially opened today
What areas are your most concerned abou???


Pimax Booth:

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might be sword :grinning:


I’m expecting

  • Wireless module update
  • Controllers sword and sense update

And headset announcements from Samsung, Vive and a few other players.

Pimax please announce soon

8KX Super

  • Dual input options, but only one input at a time. Display port 1.4 port gives 75hz large and 90hz normal, and a HDMI 2.1 port for 120hz native 4k large mode and 144hz normal fov mode.
  • Greater panel utilisation by having displays move with lenses when hardware IPD is adjusted so hidden area mask isn’t needed and 90-95% of the panel can be rendered to at once rather than 78% of the panel, as much of the panel before the edges of the panel (black box) is visible.
  • New lenses aspheric or dual fresnel with very wide sweet spot
  • Extreme IPD mod for low 55mm IPD setting without using software
  • Eye relief dial to move lenses closer and further to eyes.
  • Ability to use eyetracking and handtracking simultaneously using the headset connectors in USB3 mode. (no extra PC tether cables required)

Good list for the upgraded 8KX. Add to it:

• reduced weight and improved comfort.

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News regarding the status of open sourcing Pimax related software would be appreciated. I would love to see Linux support for the Pimax family of hardware someday, and would be much more invested if that came to pass.


My only hope is on progress in OpenXR standard adoption and Pimax partnerships with software developers of most beloved VR titles making parallel projections history for good and eventually adding hand tracking and eye tracking support here and there…


What I am expecting ?

Ideally vendors who don’t advertise their products with options which are not really there yet… I noticed the ad clip for the 8KX, and amongst many features which were roughly correct it also mentioned the Eye-Tracking module as if was truly functional.

Funny. I actually own one and told myself that I would wait until I could see that those in this forum, who have received theirs put it to work properly and reliably. As I have not seen such reports yet, it is still sitting in its box.

So why does Pimax advertise it as if was a current available product feature ? It may be one day, if and when 7invensun have managed to get it to work, but currently it is not properly functional but a mere prototype.

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About this one…

The hidden area mask does not include the parts of the screen that are black due to the IPD adjustment range – Those are not even encompassed by the game camera to begin with, and therefore sip no rendering juice. The mask marks only the rounded bits in the corner, because of the lens being rounded, and wouldn’t be affected by such a change.

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Even when it works well, the eye tracking adds too many reflections from the lens and has these 2 pointy parts that press into your cheeks. So its just not worth using and I regret buying it tbh.

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I’m really hoping Pimax talks about a wireless module.


The most important and most useful add–on in my eyes is a wireless module. If done right it would put the Immersion to the next level.


So when exactly is their presentation?

im expecting DMAS final version and shipping announcement.

or Pimax Smart Masks.

come on admit it :slightly_smiling_face: how cool would that green one look with a 5k+ with led set to green. :sunglasses:

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Speaking for myself, the CES venue this year seems similar to the forums, so I am a bit worried that dropping by the chat would just take up valuable time from Pimax staff. :wink:

Other vendors though are a bit less interactive than previous years at CES.

Hopefully the next CES will at least have an actual VR/telepresence , or ‘IRL’ physical aspect to it.

Does the website not work for anyone else?

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New lenses please.
20 char

Well, the CES started already? Does the absense from news means, that there are no news or me just missing the news?

Nothing terribly exciting so far. The problem is hat companies can advertize their products but the real issue here is that nobody can go hands-on and give their true impressions, cutting through the marketing lingo.

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I don’t think the news media was ever that thorough at CES. AFAIK, they mostly never seem to announce anything that isn’t part of a few small curated pre-show events and such. Even then, things like OpenWRT compatible routers that are part of that show don’t get mentioned. Most innovative startups don’t seem to have time to bother to push their prototypes or products to such events anyway.

Definitely, the news media does not pick up on the technological breakthroughs that so many of the exhibitors have to show each year, with the exception of TVs.

There would be a lot of benefit to having some professional news company follow around someone like me, covering the entire floor as usual…

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