Certifying PiTool Version, Latest Param Spreadsheets for DCS World and Elite Dangerous

Updated spreadhseets are now available, accommodating - and ‘certifying’ - the combination of …

  • Pimax Vision 8kX
  • PiToolSetup_1.0.2.087_v2 (and associated firmware)
  • PVRHome-Installer_x86_64_v0.84.0.0
  • NVIDIA 460.89

Performance was apparently same or better than previously ‘Certified PiTool Version’ At worst, 5% difference. More precise measurements were not feasible, despite some effort, due to bad SteamVR updates.

Remember, Pimax Experience can now set these parameters automatically. To determine correct SteamVR supersampling percentages, open SteamVR settings, adjust the slider until the approximate number of vertical pixels is shown, and take note of the percentage.

Visual quality of the normal parameters remains excellent, however the ‘fast’ parameters are of the similar quality as when the upscaler is used at maximum supersampling. Due to performance impact of 75Hz.

Still set for an NVIDIA 2080 Ti at ~2045MHz. Users of NVIDIA 3090 may be able to push Elite Dangerous to higher graphical quality, but not DCS World (due to CPU single-threading).

DCS World


Elite Dangerous


VR Toolbox

Use Virtual Desktop, XSOverlay, or Bigscreen instead. Bigscreen now has sharpening filter.

Broken for large (ie. triple monitor 1080p/4k) display sets. FPSVR strongly indicates this is not due to Pimax/NVIDIA software, but due to SteamVR or MSW updates breaking the timing of the desktop capture.

Other Worst Case VR Apps

FS2020… SweViver has published settings for FS2020, most likely with the same software versions, so presumably this app is likely to perform optimally as well…

X-Plane 11… Not retested yet, due to preexisting need for more thorough optimization. Curious as to the future VR relevance of this now that FS2020 is around, as well as some other procedures flight sims that may support hand tracking natively.

Also beware…

  • Backlight 95% is better for DCS World, however, 55% may be better for Elite Dangerous. Prolonged bright spots in a dark background may cause eyestrain.

  • Red color seems over-emphasized. Setting red to ‘-1’ in all profiles recommended. Initially, the result may seem too cyan, however, after looking at a large white surface for a few seconds, it will be obvious that the alternative color temperature is much too warm.


HMD Pimax 8kX
HMD Width 3840
HMD v (Vertical) 2160
HMD hFOV 170
HMD vFOV 110
HMD vAngular 19.636
PiTool Backlight Brightness High
PiTool Refresh Rate (Hz) 75
PiTool Smart Smoothing ON
PiTool Fixed Foveated Rendering OFF
PiTool Parallel Projections OFF
PiTool Compatible with Vive Only Game OFF
PiTool Field Of View Normal
PiTool Hidden Area Mask ON
PiTool Render Quality 1.25
SteamVR SteamVR Settings > Video > Custom Resolution 2700
1.250 ← Total SR
0.974 ← Load
SteamVR SteamVR Settings > Applications > [App] > Custom Resolution 2430
App Pixel Density 1.2
1.350 ← Total SR
0.986 ← Load
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