Centering the PIMAX 4K


I own the Pimax now for two days, all is fine so far, no blur and not so strong ghosting in IL2, BoS and DCS so far. BUT I have a serious problem with the centering. When I start Steam VR the glasses are almost always off center. Calibrating in Steam and with the PiPlay Softwarew also doesn’t help 100%. The glasses are never completly in the center. AND they wander fast off center. Isn’t there a hotkey which could be used to fastly and uncomplicated realign the center?
I already searched the forum here and the internet but solutions didn’t work for me so far.
If I can’t get this solved I need to return the glasses, which is a pity as they are perfect for the flightsims. But with the centering problem they are useless for me!

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Welcome to the forums! you said you have tried the solutions on the internet… the internet is a big place, what solutions have you tried?

for me the best fix is to open steamvr, then click on the drop down and choose display mirror.

then once the mirror is open, click in it and then face forward and press ‘Z’ that tells steam which way is forward.

usually i don’t have to recenter again for a few hours.

is that one of the solutions you looked up on the internet?


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thanks for the answer. Well I searched over google everything I could find. And of course here in the forum, where I found this:
following the advices and shortcuts there. Didn’t help me.
After starting and ending SteamVR today for 3 times out off frustation today I finally had a success and SteamVR accepted the z key. (Always starting/using the display mirror also). But to recenter in a game this is rather complicated. And at least with me it didn’t work always.
Any other programm to use instead of steamVR maybe?

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the Z key will ONLY work if you have actually clicked inside the display mirror.

some games have a headset recenter bound in the control.

for IL2 i think it is ‘5’ on the number pad (by default)
and i think on DCS it is R-CTRL and Number pad 5.

to make it easier i would suggest using voice attack, it is free for upto 12 commands. you could have a voice control to recenter when you say ‘reset headset’ and it will do the key commands without you rummaging on your keyboard to find the right combination.

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