Can't use Tundra Trackers because 274 Beta Pitool is broken

I’ve submitted a ticket, this is a widespread issue. 274 attempt to “update the headset”, fails, and when you reboot the PC the headset status LED alternates between Red, Green and Blue. Reverting to 271 and all is fine, however, SteamVR refuses to see my Tundra Trackers correctly. I am trying to use them in conjunction with Natural Locomotion and cannot assign them to feet under Devices > Trackers in SteamVR. I presume the “improved Tundra Tracker compatibility” that 274 supposedly brings.

Widespread issue with 274:

Pimax 8KX w/ 90 Hz firmware

RTX 3090

Windows 10


If you encountered the flashing LED, where indicates the headset was stuck under DFU mode. You may need to manually flash the firmware or allows our technician to assist you on this.

As the 271 version is having issue with the Tundra Tracker connection, so we fix it at 274V.

We’ve forwarded to the Pitool team last Friday, they’re figuring something on this issue.