Cant update firmware on the pimax anymore cause my 8kx turns off when pitool turns off

since i installed pitool 269 my pimax immediately turns off aswell when i close pitool.

earlier i could just turn the pimax off with a pitool service bat file script.

i like it now that i the pimax turns off together with closing pitool.

however i cant do any firmware update now , either in pitool itself or from the dfu.exe. ( 3090 owner here )

the headset just turns off and denies any firmware update cause pitool stops during that process.

so i am stucked currently at firmware 294 but everything works normal

any idead how i can fix that ?

greets MPaC

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problems solved. i have to connect the pimax directly into my pc , with the extension cable it doesnt want to update the firmware


You may need to contact support with a ticket.

Alternatively if you have a spare pc you could install an older pitool that still has the dfu program. Run it manually and download the appropriate firmware you want to flash.

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