Cant run oculus games oculus library service issue

Hi all,

when i try to run any oculus games i get the error oculus library service issue.
When i go the the services manager it seems that indeed i cannot start the specific service and is set to automatic. I also own a rift s if this plays any role. can anyone help?

I can tell you i just tested with Asgard and In Death and they ran fine. When did the error start?

Which version of pitool and oculus run time you have ?

Pitool 249 .Oculus App version don’t know if that’s the runtime version but don’t see any other numbers. Haven’t used my Rift in 6 months since getting Index controllers. Do get a driver update nag which i have ignored for some time as like I said haven’t used my Rift.

Make sure all Oculus services are running when starting an Oculus game with the Pimax game launcher (or Revive). If the services struggles, try re-installing Oculus Home. The latest versions of PiTool have no problems with Oculus games as far as I can tell…


To follow up I have had this issue, I also own a quest which I’ve used with link.

I get entitlement check errors, runtime errors etc if I don’t open the oculus app before attempting to run any apps. Once open I do not get any errors, hopefully your issue is that simple.

I have a link as well so it could be… let me see thanks !

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