Can't play any games with my 8kx

Everytime I start any game or steam vr, it starts crazily lagging, stuttering at like one fps, and then after it stops, I see thousands of repeated images or frames everywhere and black everywhere else. Games just say waiting and I can’t do anything.

Not sure I really understand your issue, but sounds to me like you should open a support ticket and perhaps get Pimax staff to remotely connect to your computer.


probably too high starting resolution.

Try using Pimax exp and decrease the starting resolution or edit the steamvr config file.


This has happened to me and I discovered that Steam VR had increased the per eye resolution to a ridiculous amount. Issue resolved after I changed the value.



We suggest you to log a ticket on Pimax Support to allow our technician to diagnose the problem.

Besides that, we will forward this issue to the engineer

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