Can't order or make decision until

For me and many others, we can’t make a decision between the 8k+ and 8kX until these questions are answered and they are not trivial and we will not order something so expensive making assumptions to these questions and hoping for knowledge we don’t know yet:
1. What is the current outlook/status of the 8kX native @ 90hz?
2. Will the 8kX extend by 2m cable in upscaling or reduced FOV native mode?
3. Will the 8kX work with the wireless in upscaling or reduced FOV native mode?

Also can’t make a decision until we know more about the difference between the standard and deluxe MAS:
1. does the deluxe come with a speaker in it if we take the drop down headphones off if we wanted to use it in that mode? I know they said headphones can be added to the standard MAS though.

A suggestion here is stop adding so many sku’s, just offer one headset strap and you can remove the headphones or not…you are creating an information, confusion, and logistical nightmare all the time by doing this! Pimax is shooting themselves in the foot. You don’t see Valve offering multiple headsets with unanswered questions about them, multiple options at checkout for upgrades that have yet to be explained or reviewed. Keep it simpler and you will be rewarded.

Pimax’s silence on these issues are holding back a lot of orders! Pimax, at the price the 8kX and 8k+ is, it should have included the deluxe headset and free shipping. Or at the very least free shipping!

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Why has Pimax gone dark on these questions and all others on the forums here? Do they really not have answers or do they simply not want us to purchase or will their answers to these mean less 8kX sales?

Good thing we’ll have time to make a decision until the end of the year.

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Not if we don’t want to be number five hundred in line and not get it till February. Pimax is also giving up potential sales right now by not answering these very simple/basic questions.

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It’s good to wait, the support is a mess at the moment i don’t get a respons all week wich is very frustrating spending a thousand usd

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I would use their online chat, nice lady sorted my question in 10 mins (I asked to change my order from Plan D to “Owners Upgrade Program”)


oke thanks i will try that tomorrow if i hear nothing, it is exactly the same thing i want to do! and a coupon from my pledges that i have that doesn’t work on the site, they just don’t respond