Cant log in to the Pimax Store to purchase the 8k X

So I decided to make the upgrade purchase of the the 8k X. However, I can’t log in with my account here. Also I decided to reset my password. When I type my email address, it says it doesn’t exist.

How does this work?

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Are you using your forum account or have you previously opened a Pimax Store account?

The two are not the same. If its your first time on the Pimax Store, you will need to open a new account, as far as I’m aware.

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I think I might have purchased a 100$ coupon to upgrade from my 8k to the BE/XR back in December. But not sure. I am emailing support now

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Try login with your username.

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Yes, I did that a few hours ago and didnt work

You accessing wrong shop, i guess. Right one would be

You should not use your forum account
You should not use your regular store account located at

store and backer store are different things with different accounts
if you didnt registered at - you should register once again

All of those plans are confusing as hell.

I was only backer to the Headset 5k BE/ XR. Which one is the Package to get the 8k X?

Also if that is the case, the the whole thing is seriously messed up. If you got to the Regular shop they have the Upgrade option for Backers and in a much simpler way to checkout.

I think I will just register again on the regular store with my Backers email and see if that works

Email you’are using to register or login isn’t relevant. It can be completely new one.

Here, take a look:

Yeah, your right. Its an upgrade plan for those who purchased headsets from the store. If thats the case - you should definitely proceed there and you should be able to login with details you had before.

Otherwise - new account solves everything. Just make sure you have a purchase proof on your mail. This one will be asked for during checkout of 8kx.

I was a backer of the 8k then upgraded to the XR, so I suppose you were correct. But I dont know what is the right plan for me

Plan B: upgrade (8k+bundle) vs 8kx
Plan B+E: upgrade 8k vs (8kx + basestations + controllers)
Plan D: upgrade 8k vs 8kx

But, you should ask support first. As i understand your headset cost at least or more then 8k. So you’re basically eligible for any upgrade plan that includes 8k.

i made a dedicated thread on it, but nobody have responded. i am only upgrading the headset as i already own the knuckles and base stations

Plan D seems the right one, i doubt anyone will say anything against it by checkout or delivery. You have originally pledged for 8k. So this is your original pledge and what you’re originally eligible of. You proof of purchase (kickstarter screenshot) is still needed for checkout and it will say that you’re 8k backer. 99% legit.

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