Can't leave pimax idle or I get HUGE corruption in screen

This is what happens when I try to leave the pimax idle, like overnight or something.

That’s the right eye, and this is the left eye

I get this strange tear, and it persists even when playing steamVR, as the white lines of the non-home environment (don’t get me started on how pimax still resets the steamVR envrionment for those who don’t use home, every time you turn on steamVR, seems like pimax testers only use the ever-bloated steamVR home) will have huge chromatic abberation.

The only thing that seems to fix it is to restart every pimax program running on my computer (close pitool, stop service launcher, stop piserver and piservice) and then restart them, which after turning on the pimax fixes it. Restarting the headset normally by pressing the physical button does not fix it.

This is kindof the only thing that I feel like needs to be fixed for pimax to be an effective daily driver.

Does anyone else get this behavior when leaving the headset idle? I’ve gotten this on every pitool version I’ve had.

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No I never get this even leaving my headset on idle for a few hours.

It’s not a few hours, it’s like over night or something.

Why would you leave it on overnight?

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Because every other steamVR headset allows you to do that…? The vive, and the index.

sounds familiar.

they acknowledged it was an issue, then they removed the ability to switch refresh rates per profile to “fix” it.

seems they never really fixed it, just hid it.

i left mine on over night accidently but when i realized the next day I turned it off without check it. So I cant confirm this happened to me. But seriously turn your hmd OFF when you are done.

I RROD’ed my first xbox360 by leaving it on over night. :wink:

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